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A Week of Agonizing Over the Prices of Maternity Clothes

Have any of you guys ever bought maternity clothes? You know, either for yourselves or for others? Because if you have, you totally feel my pain. Jaysus. I spent hours this week – veritable hours – in search of maternity clothes that I wouldn’t have to take a loan out for and that weren’t, well, cheap – or ugly-looking. I’m not going to be vain about this whole pregnancy thing because when I’m sitting there on my ass in the delivery room, grunting and groaning and making up all sorts of unladylike phrases and excreting all sorts of I-don’t-even-want-to-think-about-it, vanity is clearly out the window and I’m not gonna even pretend otherwise. But if I’m going to walk around all swole-like for the next six months, I want to do it in style, you hear?

So anyway, I’m a big fan of online shopping. I know a lot of people malign the whole online experience but I’ve had so much practice that I can tell you precisely what size I am in a large variety of online stores and in a plethora of cuts, colors and styles. I don’t worry about stuff not fitting; plus, there’s always this thing called “returns” and you don’t even need to leave your house to do it. It’s a blessing, really, especially for someone who works from home seven days a week and has limited time to go out, gallivanting through the malls and outlets for clothes that I’m probably going to hate anyway due to a lack of selection and overexposure to frenetic, pushy people. However, in the past few days I’ve spent:

-$401.05 at the Gap
-$95.96 at Motherhood
-$188.62 at Pea in a Pod

And I am thoroughly, thoroughly disgusted by the collective price of these items. Seriously. Granted, they’re all really nice, but they’re not worth the grand total of $685.63 (which is also the total of two – count them, two – round-trip plane tickets to somewhere really great).

When did pregnancy become such a capitalist pig sanctuary for the consumer-friendly? When did it all stop being about a mother’s comfort and baby’s health and … and cute, affordable fashion?

  • Caitlin Tully Szabo

    I was surprised at how little options there are out there for pregnant women too and the cost is just nuts. I spent like $400 dollars at Motherhood in one day and felt insane. It is supposed to be an”affordable” option- but I don’t feel as if I left with $400 worth of clothes, especially considering I will only be wearing these for a few months..uhg.

  • MaryBeth Perrin

    Maternity clothes can seem like an investment but it all depends on your POV. Career wise it can definitely be difficult and because different careers require a different look I won’t even touch on that. However,as far as casual looks go, many of my new mommy friends have sworn by maxi dresses, those shirred elastic top shirts, flats, supportive briefs and leggings. Alternately the whole long flowy tunic/leggings look can easily be taken into a night look with a low heel, some sparkly earrings and a bangle. Trendwise a statement pendant necklace is IT but with the extra bosoms it may just settle into your cleavage and get lost (i’m a DD, it happens all the time) so that’s why i am recommending the cuff/earring combo.

  • Steph Fleming

    I’m rather frustrated by this as well. When I first found out I was pregnant (almost 3 months in!), I “celebrated” by checking out Motherhood, where I found some great tops and a long dress…but after spending about $120 there, I simply could NOT bring myself to do any more non-thrifty shopping. I mean, I typically buy all my clothes at Target–and at my local store (downtown Mpls, MN), they have four racks of maternity clothes. I improvised with non-maternity tops that still fit and some gauchos, as well as a pair of prego-pants that an old friend gave me. My salvation was hitting up a few garage sales at a small town where my parents live. I was LUCKY to find what I did there. I managed to find three pairs of pants that will last through the rest of my pregnancy (I’m at 6 months now), and tons of tops that don’t make me feel ridiculous. …So, my advice for anyone dealing with this issue: rely on others who’ve done the shopping already! (And pass along the good feelings by re-selling or donating your good maternity stuff when you’re done.)

  • Mandy McDonald

    I got a lot of mine at Target and I got a couple things from an online consignment of maternity clothes, but I don’t remember the address…

    That being said, I spent over $100 on 4 items from Motherhood. I really don’t get it.. I get because they’re a necessity they can jack up the prices.

    You know what else cost too much? Thongs. Less material for more dollars? Stupid.

  • Marie-Laure Legendre

    I got some great pants from the maternity section is just GREAT and you can find some pretty good deals!

  • Cassidy Cordes

    Old Navy was my best friend during my last pregnancy. It was cheap enough that I didn’t feel bad about it afterward and their jeans were sooo comfortable. I also had some awesome pants that I got at A Pea in the Pod on clearance. I get why they are so expensive, I just couldn’t justify spending that much for clothes when I knew it was my last pregnancy, lol.

  • Roby ‘n Sugar Watson

    Where I used to live, there were 3 maternity outlet stores. Awesome!

  • Katy Pearce

    Japanese Weekend is the solution. Plus they double as nursing tops (you’re gonna need those too so why not do 2-in-1?)

  • Leann Marie Bonnette

    ok i totally did the same thing went and spent a ton at motherhood then i shopped around Khols actually has a very good selection and is most of the time on sale or at least you can get coupons online. also Target is another surprising place when you register there you get a discount on maternity clothing so even if you don’t really plan on using them make a registry and get the discount :) and they hold up very well ! im 8 months now and still wearing the same ones i got when i was well you know unable to fit in my non prego clothing GOOD LUCK !!!

  • Sarah Taylor-Spangenberg

    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys … you’re the best! <3

  • Fabiana Etcovitch

    Thyme Maternity will soon start selling online to US and Canada through Babies R Us. A great option for expecting girls.

  • Monica Entinger

    I’ve been having the same issues lately. Thanks for all the suggestions! I just can’t handle dropping that much cash on Maternity gear. Yikes!

  • Nadiusz Ka

    Sarah but if you stay at home all the time… what do you need maternity clothes for? (Sorry if that questions has already appear, tend not to read previous comments)

  • Nadiusz Ka


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