A Tutu-orial

People are always talking about “wardrobe staples.” Gotta have that perfect pair of black slacks, a go-to jean jacket, or the perfect LBD (little black dress).

Well, here’s a rather uncanny wardrobe staple suggestion: the tutu! Yes, tutus are totally wearable! Not the crazy pale pink ballerina kind that show your butt cheeks, but the more flowing, poofy ones they sell at Forever 21 and H&M.

Watch the dance style video above to see how I styled my black tutu from Forever 21 in 5 different ways! Don’t be intimidated by my sweet moves.

Look 1. Funky Business Chic

Pair TUTU with:

  • A dressy top or tank
  • Blazer
  • Waist belt
  • Snazzy shoes

Look 2. Spring Wedding Outfit

Pair TUTU with:

  • A bright-colored dress (wear tutu over dress)
  • Wide belt
  • Shoes in a contrasting bright color

Look 3. Funky Night on the Town

Pair TUTU with:

  • A slouchy top (untucked)
  • Heeled boots
  • Layered necklaces and bracelets

Look 4. Weekend Luncheon

Pair TUTU with:

  • Worn-in denim shirt
  • Colorful waist belt
  • Snazzy shoes

Look 5. Cocktail Party

Pair TUTU with:

  • Tuxedo blouse
  • Fancy shoes
  • Statement necklace
  • Red lipstick

Kate Albrecht, aka Mr. Kate, guides, informs and inspires with DIY’s for your home and wardrobe. Oh, she cooks and designs jewelry, too!
Twitter: @MrKateDotCom