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A True Friend

What is A True Friend? To me, a true friend is  someone who will stand by you, no matter what. Someone who keeps your secrets. Someone who knows you so better than you know yourself. These are just some of the things that makes a true friend. And we know it’s not easy to find one – people can just be so mean that sometimes your feel like you’ll never find someone who gets you. But you have to work through it,  until you find the really awesome ones.

I’ve been there. There are mean girls. People who are rude to you. Oh, wow, I know that one reallllllllly well.

My best friend doesn’t go to my school. Some of my closest friends, I only see through iChat! I only get to see some of my favorite friends during the summer. And I have some pretty great friends at school. But it took work to find these true friends.

And so I know this: Find that person who is amazing. Someone who you’d eventually consider almost family. Find that person and stick with that person through everything. It’s not easy, I know, but I believe everything happens for a reason and no matter how bad your life gets, it can only get better. And when you’re feeling like it’s bad, or even great, a true friend is there for you.
I think you also need to be a true friend. To your friends, even the ones you don’t consider your “best” friend.  I know I sound like the Disney channel right now, but I really believe in friendship. I believe in the power of girls who stick together. I have a group of girlfriends at school I always hang out with, and I know they have my back and I have theirs. I haven’t always had friends like this, but now I do and it means a lot to me.
So let’s say I was crying and you just walked past me without saying anything. Even if you were annoyed with me, as my true friend, you would circle back and try to let me know you care.
Here are other ways to show you are a true friend:
  • Avoid blowing off your friend for a crush.
  • Help your friend when she needs it. This includes doing homework, giving advice, sharing your lunch.
  • Don’t be mean. No one likes a mean girl. It’s hard to trust you when one minute you’re cool and the next, you’re being mean.
  • Never ever tell anyone your true friends’ secrets. No matter what. You want to be trustworthy, not a blabbermouth. If you tell your true friends secrets, not only are you not being a true friend, but she wont tell you another secret ever again.
  • Don’t start a fight, it just causes drama. If you get mad at your friend, talk to her about it. If she is a true friend, you will hopefully not get into fights anyways. Remember, fights=drama.
True friends are hard to find. So when you find one, hang on tight.
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  • Elle Caddie

    Ruby, this is sweet, keep being a good friend. The whole the best way to have good friends is to be one concept is so true.

  • Heather Mckown

    When i see someone crying in public and they are alone, i used to approach them and say “i can see you are hurting, would you like to talk about it or would you like a hug?” but the person would always give me a weird look and then get up and walk away very quickly so i stopped. I thought if someone was crying in public it was a cry for help and they wanted someone to care otherwise they would cry somewhere private.

    • Anonymous

      Then it is their loss of a great person to talk too! I wish someone would do that whenever I was crying in public. It’s nice to know that there are people like you in this world! :)

    • Amanda Aziz

      ^ Above comment was me! :)

  • Molly M. Halloran

    I agree with your idea that the way to get a good true friend is to be a true friend. I think that being a true friend to all the people around you is a great way to live your life, a way to bring happiness to yourself and others, and that if everyone did this we would have peace around the world! You’re a great writer, Ruby. Keep it up! I look forward to your posts! (I like exclamation points, too!)

  • Lucia Wen

    to post a comment

  • Amanda Aziz

    This is a post that everyone needs to read. A lot of people wonder why they do not have good friends, when in turn, they are not a good friend themselves. It really, really takes a long time finding the greatest friends. I am still trying to find them. Thanks for the post, it made my day! :)

    • Heather Mckown

      It took me years to find a truly great friend. I was often a loner, because people didn’t understand me, they thought my thinking pattern and the way i viewed the world was weird. I found an equally weird girl on the other side of the globe via facebook and finally feel as though i’ve met someone who gets me.

  • Bridey Connolly

    I love this post, it is something everyone needs to read since so many people think they’re better friends then they are. I love all of your postings, keep writing!

  • Lucy Harris
  • Anne de Kleine

    who’s photo is that? I know I’ve seen it before but I forgot where..

  • Jodi Styner

    I had some really bad friends growing up. When I was 11, I went to my locker to find that my best friend had thrown all my things in the garbage (binders, jacket..everything) just because she’d found new friends. It took me a long time to find a “true” friend, but I now have the best friend I could ever ask for. Sometimes she sends me an email that says “Keep passing by the open windows” (a quote from Hotel New Hampshire) just to let me know she cares, just in case I need it. This year is our 10-year friendiversary!

  • Jake Carlin

    “Never ever tell anyone your true friends’ secrets. No matter what.”

    Sorry, but as a grown-up, this is not true. Some “secrets” need to be shared with a responsible adult. What would you do if your friend told you she was being abused by a parent, friend, or relative? How would you feel about yourself if you just kept that information to yourself and let your friend continue to be abused, if you knew you could do something to stop it?

    Even if your friend shared this secret with a member of a church or a medical professional, that person would be legally obligated to report the event to the police.

  • Megan Bry

    *cough cough* im a gurl who yu only see thru ichat <3

  • Colleen Sweeney

    This is an awesome post, Ruby. I’ve had the same friend since I was ten, and though we don’t see much of each other or talk as much as we used to, we’re still close. She’s the first person I go to when I need sage advice and who will instantly lift my spirits.

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