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A Tribute to Choupette Lagerfeld, Fashion's Most Famous Cat

She may only be one year old, and she may only be a cat, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t captured the heart of Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld. Who is this feline of wonder? This creature that has captivated him so? This symbol of cuteness and fashion? It is Choupette. Choupette Lagerfeld, to be exact.

Who is Choupette? Simply watch the following video and all will be revealed.

Karl adores Choupette and so does the public. He’s clearly in the boat of kittens being far superior to babies, and with a cat like Choupette, it’s easy to see why. Choupette is sophisticated, beautiful and is undeniably the most interesting kitten in the world.

She’s a fashion darling and has already been the subject of interviews and featured in fashion spreads. Choupette has already accomplished more in her one year than many people do in whole lifetimes. She is well on her way to becoming an icon and so her day to day activities should be examined now before she becomes completely removed from society due to her forthcoming superstar status. Soon she shall be transformed into an out-of-touch yet still admirable and adorable pop culture darling.

You may be thinking, what makes Choupette so darn special? You may be thinking your own cat is way more amazing than Karl Lagerfeld’s cat. But you’d be wrong. Dead wrong. Does your cat have 2 maids that keep a diary of all his or her activities? Does your cat like to stare out the windows of private planes on his or her way to St. Tropez? Does your cat even have a photo spread in V Magazine? Didn’t think so.

Yes, your cat may be awesome at napping and hiding its poop. Maybe your cat is amazing at jumping onto really high narrow spaces with the elegance of a ballerina and is even better at getting trapped in said spaces. Perhaps your puss is even stupendously talented at sitting on your keyboard when you’re trying to work and squatting on your face when you’re trying to sleep. But your feline is no Choupette.

If you think Choupette is just a cat, you don’t know Choupette as Karl does. Choupette was given to Karl to catsit and he loved her so much he never gave her back. That should tell you something. First of all, it should tell you that Karl is open for business in terms of catsitting. Second, it should tell you that Karl will have no qualms about stealing your animal property.

And thirdly, it should tell you that Choupette is now fashion royalty and respect must be paid.

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