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A Tour Of My Rental Apartment with Mr. Kate

Hi, Gigglers! I wanted to give you a quick tour of my rental apartment that I share with my boyfriend and our two fuzzy children… errr, cats. I wanted to show that I practice what I preach by decorating with thrifted and vintage items and of course, DIYs! My apartment is my test tube and I’m constantly re-decorating and adding stuff, so I might have a new tour in a few months but as of now, this is what my place looks like… but not always this clean!


DIYs seen in the video:

  • Ramou Sarr

    Aaaaaaahhh. I love all of this. I just moved into a studio and am having such a hard time figuring out how to decorate. I’ve been making weekly trips to Savers, but just haven’t been finding much that I like. So basically I’m going to print out all these photos and carry them with me when I try my luck at Goodwill this weekend. Thanks!

  • Christina Martinez

    So cute and so many ideas that are completely do-able. Totally need to take advantage over this long weekend!

  • Johanna Alexandra

    I recently moved from a huge 2 bedroom apartment being shared with Mr. Johanna and our 3 furry children (2 cats, one dog) to a tiny studio and I cannot seem to make it “home”. I love the way you have your place! There’s something interesting everywhere you look without overdoing it. Big thumbs up! Hopefully I’ll get my place done by the time my lease is up -_-

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