Since Thanksgiving is this week, I figured, what better way to get ready for the upcoming holiday than with a gallery of some delicious Thanksgiving day eats? As a vegetarian I don’t eat turkey, but I love just about every side dish. From sweet potato casserole to stuffing and cranberry sauce, I devour it all!

My love for these foods, however, isn’t comparable to my cooking abilities. I’m actually a pretty terrible cook. Luckily I have a big family and many of them love to cook. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food and will you be doing any cooking?


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  1. I’m a vegetarian, and a bad cook to boot! I was brought near to tears over failed cupcakes tonight for t day!

  2. Heyyyyy *virtual high five to my fellow vegetarian!!*
    I too will be chowing down on some Tofurky… and all the delicious sides that come with Thanksgiving. Brussels sprouts and stuffing, mm-mm-good! I cant cook to save my life, but my mom and her sisters are all good cooks so….. all is well! Haha

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