A Sesame Street "Real Housewives" parody is the show we didn't know we needed

Thanks to characters like Oscar, the grouch of all grouches, Grundgetta, a self-proclaimed “mystery wrapped in trash,” the twang-sporting Diva Garbagedump and Grover, “the cute one,” kids have plenty of innocent “drama” to wrap their little brains around.

And in the spirit of your typical Real Housewives reunion (Bravo fans know what we’re talkin’ about), the parody comes in three parts that really drive home the importance of being fair and learning to work well with others, which is extremely difficult when you really want the audience to see you perform a hit like “Money Can’t Buy You Trash.”

The group even sits down at the FUR Lounge to show everyone the appropriate way to handle a feud over the last piece of stinky cheese.

Ah-mazing! We can’t wait to see what drama-filled lesson these moody muppets teach us next.

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