A Sesame Street "Real Housewives" parody is the show we didn't know we needed

Sesame Street / www.youtube.com

A certain group of reality stars should be flattered by this hilarious kid-friendly form of imitation. As Romper reports, there’s a Sesame Street Real Housewives parody that should definitely be the next thing you watch. That is, if you and your kiddos haven’t already seen and learned a few lessons from it.

If it isn’t obvious by now, our favorite childhood show is slaying its 47th season. We recently made the acquaintance of an autistic muppet named Julia, who is a most necessary addition to the show. And Sia gave us a new Sesame Street song that kinda makes us want to throw on our most fabulous, face-shielding wigs and dance around.

Speaking of feeling fab, this parody is a definite #mood, one that shows us why even the most grouchy behavior can be used as a wonderful teaching moment.

We’ll just let this intro to the Real Grouches of Sesame Street speak for itself:

Upon first hearing the odd combo, we thought, how does one go about explaining the origin of this idea to kids? Well, we’re no experts, but we’re guessing you probably just… don’t.

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