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A Romantic Travel Bucket List

Being surrounded by hearts, flowers and everything romance-related lately (thanks, St. Valentine), I started thinking about the places I’d like to see with my special someone. For me, romantic travel has its own unique flavor. It’s less about planning every moment and more about just enjoying time together.

So, since I love a good list, here are the top five places I’d like to visit with my Valentine:

Positano, Italy: I blame my obsessive viewings of Under the Tuscan Sun for this one. But really, it doesn’t have to be Positano. Any town on the Amalfi Coast would do. I love to daydream about strolling along the winding cobblestone streets, fingers intertwined.  And what could be more romantic than snuggling close on a scooter, zipping around a city by the sea?

New Zealand: From all the pictures I’ve seen, New Zealand looks like a cross between Hawaii and the Alps, with an air of mystery and wildness all its own. New Zealand makes me wish I were an adventurer, a climber of mountains and a seeker of secret places. Maybe if I went there, I would be. But even if we just sat side by side on a secluded beach, I’m pretty sure I’d fall more in love.

Paris, France: This one was tough for me. I’ve been to The City of Lights a few times. There have been some things I liked (pastries! croissants!), and some that I haven’t. Basically, despite its reputation, I never really got it. But I’ve also never been there with someone I loved. Maybe that would make all the difference. So I’ll give you one more chance, Paris. Let’s see if we can make some magic.

Venice, Italy: The thing I love about Venice is the time-travel aspect. At first you don’t notice it, but then you realize what’s missing: traffic noises. There are no impatient car horns, no blaring stereos, just the sound of water lapping gently against the sidewalk and, if you’re lucky, the occasional gondolier singing. You can wander the maze of bridges and tiny streets, getting lost for hours. And have I mentioned the gelato? True love.

 Switzerland: Hot chocolate by a roaring fire, in a chalet nestled in the Alps, watching snowflakes dot the night sky. What more could you want? This isn’t so much about seeing a specific place (although Switzerland is one of my favorite places ever); it’s more about being together.

So, what sights would you like to see with your sweetie? Or, where’s the most romantic place you’ve ever been?

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