A New Series About Women, By Women, For EveryoneKathryn and Amanda

Zen goddess Kyla teaches her weekly “yoga for seniors” class…which also includes her weekly meltdown.

A talented bunch of ladies in their 20s got together and created a heartbreakingly honest yet hilarious show about four BFFs struggling through the pitfalls of their 20-something world. Directed by Suzi Yoonessi (Dear Lemon Lima), Burnside is a girl power web-series that dives into a candid perspective of a dysfunctional sisterhood living in Los Angeles.  In the Burnside house, being a modern day woman is nothing compared to living with one.

Starring former South of Nowhere actress Gabrielle Christian as Amber and Emerson grads Jenna Lyng as Blaine, Kathryn Wahl as Kyla, and Michelle Macedo as Sarah. Written by Brittany Bunyea.

Check out the rest of the Burnside promo videos right here and stay tuned for more videos of the ladies’ friendship-filled frantic yet funny lives!

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    I’m so gonna get hooked.

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