A Lesson in Gratitude

Sometimes I feel so anxious and nervous about the future and other things in my life. It seems like everything is so unpredictable right now, and I feel as if I have no control. When I get into a funk like this, it can be really hard for me to get out of it. Something that has helped me, though, is thinking about the things in my life that I am grateful for and how I am like the things I appreciate most in my life. So, here are some things in my life that I feel a deep connection to, that have not only helped me feel better about myself, but have also provided me with a sense of worth.


I’m like a cup of coffee. I’m strong, sweet and I have a pungent aroma. If not done up properly/measured correctly, I will look gross and watery. I give people a burst of energy and then cause them to crash. People always want to get away from me and “quit me” but they always come running back, no matter how jittery or awkward I may make them feel. I cause people to sweat.


I’m like my yoga mat. I like to make people feel healthy, strong and good about themselves. I like to support people. I can stand/sit in a corner and either go unnoticed, ignored or looked at with anger, disappointment and annoyance.



I’m like the stray calico cat in my neighborhood. I’m loving and soft and the facial hair on my upper lip could be defined as whiskers. My hair is multiple colors because I can’t afford to dye it right now. Like calico cats, my friends call me “money cat” because I am always asking for money. I hiss when I’m angry. I purr when I’m happy. I’m not scared of mice, they are scared of me. Sometimes I eat them but don’t tell my mom/owner. I occasionally eat cat food, but I prefer human food.


I’m like my favorite pair of jeans. I’m from Old Navy. I have short legs. I have the ability to make myself feel comfortable and confident. I also find myself intolerable at times. I’m high waisted.

I’m like my dog, Nelly. I enjoy walking outside, smelling flowers and I get really excited when I see cute dogs. I enjoy lying lifeless on the ground. I like to eat out of ice cream cartons with my face, no utensils.


I’m like the squirrel I always see in the telephone poll outside my house. I’m small. I’m anxious and twitchy. I get nervous and am terrible at crossing the street. I almost get hit by a car every day. I imagine the squirrel, like me, feels lucky to be alive. I harvest acorns.

I’m like my computer keyboard. I have all the tools I need to write.  From a distance I appear clean, but upon closer inspection I’m dirtier than one would realize. I know I should shower more. But, like my computer I can’t shower every day (my hair is too dry!)

After this exercise in self-love and gratitude, I always feel like myself again. I feel squirrelly and strong, appreciative, confident. I feel grounded and ready to take on the world and I highly recommend this activity for you, too.

Feature image via The Huffington Post.

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