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A Guy's Perspective: Breakup Video Goes Viral

Jonathan Mann and Ivory King, a cute couple that lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (shocker!) announced that their 5-year relationship was ending via a song they made and put on YouTube (that is coming up close on the 1 million mark – viral alert!). I have mixed opinions on this. But I’ll do my best to give you a guy’s perspective on this majorly silly/sad/cute situation.

Jonathan and Ivory are both musicians, with Jonathan in the middle of a “Song a Day” project, where he’s posting a new song on YouTube 1400 consecutive days. Ivory is a songwriter who also sings and plays the bass clarinet. My first reaction to this was basically me just not at all caring. If this guy’s posting a new song to YouTube everyday for like, 10 years, well I think that’s a little crazy. I don’t find stunts like this creative; I find it to be a good PR move to get blogs and sites to write about you because what you’re doing is unusual. Which is fine, can’t knock the hustle. But for that to be the medium they chose to unveil their breakup video is… to be expected.

But Jonathan and Ivory say they chose this method so they wouldn’t have to tell all their friends individually. I get that; I’ve gone through breakups where even talking about it once can be painful, and having to repeat the story over and over would probably be just as horrible as creating a song everyday for 1400 hundred consecutive days. But you know, they could have sent an email out to their friends, that would have worked, or even written a letter – I hear hipsters in Brooklyn are pretty keen on that, cause it’s like, “different, bro”.

Am I bummed they broke up? Totally. They really do look like a great couple, almost perfect. And you can no doubt see the sadness in both of their eyes throughout “We’ve Got To Break Up”. But my overall thoughts on it are, that it seems to be important to both of them that they make sure their friends know they don’t have to choose sides. Would it not have been better to invite them all over for dinner, let them know what’s going on and talk about it all over one night? From what I understand, the only two options you considered were Facebook or music video. But what about, umm, every other option in the world? I don’t get that.

Was this a cool way to let your friends know you are breaking up? Would any of you choose this method? Does anyone else feel like sending some chocolate to Jonathan? Tell me your thoughts girls! Or wait, maybe I should have made this article into a music video, and then instead of posting it on Twitter and Facebook and having to tell multiple people, I could have just been all “I posted a music video about an article I wrote about this couple that posted a music video about their breakup” and ohmygoodness, DID YOUR MIND JUST GET BLOWN?

Talk to me ladies, what do you think?

Image via New York Daily News

  • Caroline Jeffery

    it’s definitely a little odd…. but if it works for them, do what you gotta do.

  • Liz Diss

    I dunno… If I just broke up with someone I still loved I don’t think I’d wanna write a song about it. But then… what if I still wanted to see him? I’d definitely be too upset to play a harmonica.

  • Megan Boyd

    Love it. I am going through a divorce and now I am imagining what my ex’s reaction would be to, “hey, let’s make a music video about this to explain it to all our friends and family.” It’s a very entertaining thought. Thanks, I needed that :).

  • Toni Curella

    This song is definitely way too joyful to be a breakup song. And their little dance is really awkward. Still, 5 years?! I feel for both of them.

  • Jenny Iverson

    First: Taylor Swift makes her living writing break up songs, so I don’t think anything of it, especially because in this version both parties are involved where as in T.Swift’s songs it is only one side of the story.
    Second: I actually respect the fact that the female in this case is the one who doesn’t want kids. It’s refreshing because the stereotypical female of “I want to get married and have a bunch of babies” isn’t every girl’s dream just as it is not every guys dream to “not be committed/ have zero kids” So more than their breakup song I like that the female voice is saying “no I dont wanna”

  • Kristen Power

    When I watched the video all I could think was that the experience was probably really therapeutic for the couple in moving on from their breakup. Clearly they still love each other and will have the other in their life, so it seems right that they share that message with their friends. Awkward, but what breakup isn’t when you’ve been together for 5 years?

  • Katie Sumner

    I guess it would be more creative on their part, if the guy wasn’t doing it every day. Then, it just seems humdrum. But it amused me.

  • Jose Silva

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  • Jessica Conifer

    I actually really like it. they are still willing and able to communicate, be friendly and creative, not many people can say that about their ex’s. I am guessing two people like this have friends who are also like this which means it would be perfect for them. it also makes an uncomfrtable situation a little less uncomfortable in that they made it such a production that nobody else has to. Yep, we broke up, this is why, this is how we feel, this is what we need and want form our friends, it’s okay.– that’s awesome.

    • Hilary June

      I totally agree! I think this is a great thing. They’re creatives (clearly) and they understand each other and they’re explaining it to their friends. They’re communicating and still civil with each other. It sucks that they have to break up, but THEY HAVE TO.
      I hope they can both find happiness!

      • Hilary June

        I should also mention, this seems like the healthiest break up ever. There were probably fights, definitely tears, but this is such a good way (for them) to share one last thing together and then start moving on as separate people.

  • David Dean

    Good points all, it probably is a perfect outlet for them. I hope soon they make a video about them getting back together!

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