The Pregnant Lady's Perspective

A Few Weeks of Holiday Cheer and Baby Excitement

Jeez, I don’t know about you guys, but I am about food-ed out. Between the (Halloween) candy, the Thanksgiving feast, Christmas cookies, Christmas dinners and all-around Christmas goodies, and the year-end pig-out finale of celebrating the New Year along with the Twilight Zone marathon, this pregnant lady is about to go on a food strike.

Unfortunately, I know that I can’t (at least not for another few weeks ’til Baby Jack’s born, wherein I’ll probably only have a combined total of thirty minutes per day to feed my face) and I guess I’m not *too* distraught that there’s still a few weeks to go until I can resume eating for one. Only one.

Anyway. As I’m sure you can imagine, things have actually been insanely nuts here for the past few weeks, what with the holidays and my due date arriving in approximately 53 days. It feels like it’s looming, though it’s still almost two months away, but in the same breath, I go all anxiety-attack when I look at the piles of baby clothes that I still have yet to sort and wash, lovingly, in Dreft.

It’s amazing how excited – and nervous – I am every time I pick up a size “NB” onesie, thinking that there’s going to be yet another tiny little person that I’m responsible to care for, and when I look back on this entire year, I can feel only contentment that everything’s moved forward in the way that it should, and it gives me an all-encompassing, optimistic wholeness that the upcoming year is going to be twofold of what the past one has been.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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