A Conversation with ‘Yelling to the Sky' Director, Victoria Mahoney

I met Victoria Mahoney in the summer of 2006, at the Sundance June Filmmaker’s Lab. Since then, I’ve followed her work with the film ‘Yelling to the Sky’ as it went from a workshop script to a full-length feature, which opens in theaters today! In this video, Victoria and I talk about the film, and about her experience writing, directing, and promoting it as a filmmaker without labels, despite how many the world would like to put on her.

You can follow Victoria on Twitter – lots of awesome people already do: @VictoriaMahoney

‘Yelling to the Sky’ opens today! You can see it in theatres in New York and Los Angeles, or download it. For more information, visit the official ‘Yelling to the Sky’ website or watch the trailer.