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A Bulldog That Sounds Like An Elephant

Dogs are some of the silliest animals around. They come in all shapes and sizes, different colors and different patterns; some are taller than you and some are smaller than your hand and others can bark elephant noises–wait, what?

Yes, you heard that correctly: there is a dog that barks elephant noises. According to the video, this bulldog (Fred) was watching a paper towel commercial that had an elephant in it, which inspired him to bark elephant noises. It’s pretty dang cute and admittedly kind of impressive.

But if there is one thing I realized watching this video, it is that someone very special in my life loves dogs: my Mom. I realized watching this that Moms love dogs and my Mom must see this. So, Gigglers, please do your Mom a favor and send this video to your mother! E-mail a sweet little note, telling her, “OMG, Mom. I have now seen everything: there is a dog whose bark sounds like a noise an elephant would make! It’s the absolute cutest!” At the end of the message, maybe include a cute photo of a . The choice is yours but do keep in mind that too many cute things could cause your Mom to go into a coma.