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  • The 21st Century HerbalistDIY Skin Care Month: Step 1 – Cleanse

    …must be gentle with it and help it heal.  After washing your face, gently pat your face dry with a soft towel…don’t rub it dry.  Pat, pat, pat. Those are the basics for a healthy completion, but we’ve still got to get our faces clean!  As some of my fellow Gigglers have already talked about in other articles or the item of the day, it’s important to find a cleanser that works for you.  Remember, it’s not always about…

    Katie Glenn
  • ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day

    …and how many of them believe it costs lots of money to be and feel beautiful! Introducing exfoliating gloves… I have been using these gloves everyday at shower or bath time for the past decade or so. I thought about my face and the fact I’ve been exfoliating that skin since I was ten years old, at the urging of my mother. So, I wondered, what if I treated my entire body as well as I treat my face? Enter the exfoliating gloves……

    Karrine Steffans
  • ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: Shea Moisture African Black Soap

    Remember that scene in Annie Hall when Alvy stumbles upon some interesting soap in Annie’s bathroom? Alvy: Hey, what is this? You got black soap? Annie: It’s for my complexion. Alvy: What – are you joining a minstrel show? Oh Woody, you and your zingy zings. But the joke might as well have been perfectly orchestrated product placement for those of us who are suckers for anything Diane Keaton says, does, wears or rubs on her a…

    Courtney Barnett
  • ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day

    …does it include a complete set of products, from cleanser and toner to mask and moisturiser, but it all comes… in travel-sized packaging! Hold on, can you hear that? Oh, that’s just the angels rejoicing. If all that wasn’t enough, it feels (pardon the pun) absolutely heavenly to use. Seriously, my face feels so clean, clear and healthy after going through the regimen before bed at night. The toner – typically a product I a…

    Jennifer Still
  • ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day

    …Three times is a charm. I like to keep all of my products from them out on display in my room, even though I’m the only one who’s ever in my room. It just makes me feel good, okay? Guys, I love this stuff. The Melissa Day Cream has totally become my favourite moisturiser (taking over from DDF’s Moisturising Dew) and the Facial Toner is sprayable and makes my face feel super… oh, I dunno, toned? My dry-ass winter lips have…

    Jennifer Still
  • Diamond GothicPart 2 – "The Masons"

    …r on the day she had become a woman. “Well, you wouldn’t know nothin’ about what a man wants, would you?  You’re a boy.  Keep to your riff-raff, and I’ll keep to mine.” Junior smirked.  He’d got her.  “Sure, I’ll keep to my riff-raff, Sis.  And maybe I am a boy– but I’ll be a man one day.  And I’ll know then, like I know now… that every respectable man avoids you like the plague.” She fought to collect herself.  Because, in all honest…

    Diamond Gothic
  • ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day

    …ove the Dr Hauschka line, so I was excited to try the Cleansing Clay Mask and get my exfoliation on. While it’s especially beneficial for oily or  blemish-prone skin, it’s great for all types and feels unreal. The glass jar comes full of the clay powder, ensuring that the mask doesn’t dry out or get gross, as many tend to do after a few applications. Creating the mask is super simple – add a teaspoon (or a little more) of…

    Jennifer Still

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