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  • The 21st Century HerbalistNatural Hair Dye Month: How to Use Henna

    All last month we learned great ways to naturally care for our hair.  Now that we’ve got the healthy hair we want…let’s add some color, shall we?  Throughout the month of August I’ll be sharing great ways to naturally color your hair with specific weeks dedicated to blondes, brunettes and red heads.  This week I’m talking henna, where to buy it and how to apply it. You probably think of henna as the colorant used to create wonderful tempor…

    Katie Glenn
  • The 21st Century HerbalistNaturally Boost Your Blonde

    Welcome to Week 2 of Natural Hair Dye Month.  This week is all about blondes but be sure to check back next week for redheads and the following week for the brunettes.  Below are some of the tried a true ways to naturally boost your blonde locks or even lighten darker blondes. First up, a classic blonde booster: lemon juice. When life gives you lemons…lighten your hair color.  This quick lemon juice mix will even lighten brunette hair whe…

    Katie Glenn
  • The 21st Century Herbalist5 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Color Bold

    It’s then end of Natural Hair Dye Month and now that you’ve gone to all the trouble to color your hair, I’m sure you want to keep it that way!  Even if you didn’t use one of the natural hair color solutions from this month for blondes, redheads or brunettes you can still use these tips to maintain your colored hair. Tip #1: Forgo the Shampoo The easiest way to maintain hair color, natural or not, is to shampoo your hair l…

    Katie Glenn
  • The 21st Century HerbalistNaturally Rev Up Your Red

    It’s Week 3 of Natural Hair Dye Month and it’s all about the redheads this week.  Last week was all about the blondes and next week is for the brunettes.  Let’s dive right in! Red Highlight Boosting Rinse My hair is naturally a medium brown color but every now and then I like to bring out the red in it.  This rinse is a great way to do that without the commitment of a color change.  It’s also a great way to rev up red ha…

    Katie Glenn
  • The 21st Century HerbalistNaturally Go Bold With Brown

    So far we’ve already talked about natural coloring options for  blondes and redheads, so for Week 4 of Natural Hair Dye Month it’s time to go bold with your brunette locks.  Just like any other hair color shade, there are various shades of brown, all with unique and often subtle highlights of lighter browns and reds.  If you’re a natural brunette or just looking to add a bold brown to your red or dark blonde hair then give the…

    Katie Glenn

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