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  • The 21st Century HerbalistShow Your Pinterest Boards Who's Boss!* Make The DIY Lotion Recipe of the Week

    *see pep talk below Lotion Making Month continues with this week’s DIY lotion recipe: Kitchen Herb Hand Lotion.  Keep this lotion next to your kitchen sink and use it after washing your hands or the dishes.  The hydrating oils will keep your hands from drying out and the earthy scent of the culinary herbs fits perfectly in any kitchen. Part 1 – Kitchen Herb Distillate: Last week I showed you how to make lotion from scratch using ess…

    Katie Glenn
  • The 21st Century HerbalistDIY Lotion Making Month: Soothing Lavender & Chamomile Body Lotion

    …make this part of your child’s night time routine. Once they’ve climbed into bed, have your child take deep, relaxing breaths with you, as you massage the lotion on their chest in soothing circular motions. If you have any questions, just leave them in comments. Happy brewing! Next Week: It’s the last week of “DIY Lotion Making Month” and I’m ending with a special HelloGiggles inspired lotion recipe!…

    Katie Glenn
  • The 21st Century HerbalistSmell like the internet, HelloGiggles Style

    …esh together into a lovely, delicately floral scent.  Then I had a fun idea!  Since it’s the last week of Lotion Making Month, we need a HelloGiggles inspired lotion recipe. I got busy brewing and blending in the kitchen and came up with something soft and sweet, with just a kick of girl power tough enough to melt leathery skin into a puddle of rose petals. Use the recipe below to mix up a batch of your own HelloGiggles inspired lotion and…

    Katie Glenn
  • The 21st Century HerbalistLotion Making Month: Brewing Floral Waters – Video Tutorial

    …s video contains a sneak peek at the lotion recipe that I’m creating for week 5.   Welcome to Week 3 of Lotion Making Month!  Today I’ve got a great video tutorial that shows you step-by-step, how to brew your own floral waters.  This is an excellent skill to have when making lotion.  It opens up so many possibilities for the types of scents and medicinal benefits that you can have in your lotion.  It’s also a great skill to h…

    Katie Glenn
  • The 21st Century HerbalistDIY Skin Care Month: Step 3 – Moisturize

    …you’d like to make your own lotion, check out my Softening, Rose, Apple and Honey Face Lotion recipe from Lotion Making Month. Regardless of the type of moisturizer you use, you’ll want to massage it into your skin using gentle sweeping and circular motions.  Massage the skin as you apply the moisturizer, always moving your hands outward and upward. Thanks to everyone that stopped by last week and shared their favorite toners, there w…

    Katie Glenn
  • The 21st Century HerbalistDIY: Buckwheat & Rose Petal Pillow and A Give-Away!

    …ets…Freshen Laundry Naturally With Herbs This Week: Buckwheat & Rose Petal Pillow The contest ends at midnight EST on Monday, February 27, 2012.  I’ll use a random number generator to select 3 winners and will announce them in my column on Thursday, March 1, 2012. Good luck! Next Week: It’s the start of Lotion Making Month and I’ll be posting a tutorial on: Basic Lotion Making…

    Katie Glenn
  • The 21st Century HerbalistDIY Skin Care Month: Step 1 – Cleanse

    …that works for all skin types.  If you need to remove eye makeup, use olive oil or any of the DIY lotions from lotion making month.  Smooth the oil or lotion over the area that you want to remove makeup from, then use the Cleansing Grains below. Cleansing Grains 1 cup cosmetic white clay, also known as kaolin clay* 1/2 cup ground oats 2 tbsp ground almonds 1 tbsp ground dried lavender* 1 tbsp ground dried rose petals* 1 tbsp poppy seeds Several…

    Katie Glenn

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