911? Can We Keep This Between The 2 Of Us?

Thankfully, I’m not speaking from experience.  However, if I were to ever need to call 911 or to have someone call 911 on my behalf, I’d like to have the possibility of the conversation being broadcast for the public, like it was an “Adult Skate!” or 24 hour sale at Bloomingdales announcement, not be something that I have to worry about.  I’d prefer to worry about choking or having a heart attack or a seizure or an allergic reaction or a car accident or yes, even some sort of possible recreational drug reaction or overdose.  That’s what I’d most like to associate a 911 call with.  An emergency.  Not an announcement.  Or potential gossip fodder to be discussed during someone’s Spin Class.

There’s a reason 911 is only 3 short easy to remember numbers.  If you’re calling it, s**t has gone terribly wrong and you need help and fast. That’s your goal and the goal of those around you during an emergency.  The goal is not to push out a transcript of your emergency.  And most certainly not the live telephone call that took place during your emergency.  What the hell is the matter with us?  I fear a time where people with any kind of celebrity will find themselves in an emergency situation and hesitate to call 911 because they’ll think ahead to TMZ posting said 911 call and they’ll choose to take that extra second to weigh … is it really worth it?  Yes!!! It’s worth it!

Can we please not be obsessed with celebrities in this one tiny space?  It’s only life or death that we’re making into our entertainment.  Our own chance to get all detective-y.  What the hell is the matter with us?  Why is it legally alright to hear these calls?  If the police need to hear these calls for the purposes of getting to the bottom of a crime being committed – absolutely.  So be it.  But it simply shouldn’t be on entertainment-based websites on TV shows.  We all don’t get to weigh in on someone else’s emergency.  We just don’t.   And I don’t care if some of the parts of certain 911 calls are withheld from the public.  Give me a break.  Someone listens to a 911 call with a few tiny parts redacted and they’re just going to try to figure out what those few tiny parts that were redacted were.  In real life, when 911 is called, there are no cameras rolling and there is no famous actor.  Just someone in the middle of f**king emergency.  What the hell is the matter with us?

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