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Tomorrow, June 12th, is Red Rose Day (a time to appreciate the most romantic flower…yuck). Red Roses are nice but they make me think of corny romantic traditions like candlelit dinners and strolls on the beach. Although those traditions have become cliche, they are still sweet and appreciated.

Which cheesy romantic act is your favorite?

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  1. slow dancing without music :)

  2. Love letters for sure just because I don’t really know any guy who does that anymore. It seems like you’re lucky if you get a “Yo, let’s meet later. K.”

    • That is so true, but what’s sad is it’s a miracle if it’s a call to hang out, it’s always text. What happened to calling?

  3. Black tulips and dandelions. Jiminy Cricket, the man who got me that would be fathering ALL my children. However, it’s one of those things no one would ever think to get. *le sigh*

  4. My gosh, I love them all! <3

  5. My boyfriend once brought home a cactus as a spontaneous gift.
    I’ve always said I don’t like cut flowers, because they’ll die and that’s just sad. Plus, a cactus is a plant that I am confident I can keep alive.

  6. Stuffed animals from vacations & ice cream on PMS days.

  7. The ever-so-wonderful mix tape is by far the best.

  8. My favorite is when my husband gets me my favorite cookies and cheese puffs.

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