— Fake It 'Til You Make It

8 Ways to Fool People Into Thinking You Are Ready For Spring

6. Make plans to spend some time outside.

Get baseball tickets, plan a road trip, do something that takes you out of your Snuggie and into the great outdoors. I urge you to make plans because in big, winter ravaged cities on nice days parks, outdoor cafes and baseball games fill up really quickly. So text all your friends now and get out in the sun. You can literally smell some roses!

7.  Take care of your skin!

Winter dries your skin out, but spring really puts your skin through the paces. From windy days that chap your cheeks to unseasonably hot days in early May where your makeup sweats off before noon, you need to have tools for whatever spring brings. You need a lightweight moisturizer for windy days and oil free sunscreen for hot, sunny days. And protect that skin around your eyes with a cool new pair of sunglasses.

8.  Go shopping!

Not just for the season’s hottest trends, but GIFTS. You’ve got Mother’s Day on May 11th and all kinds of graduations at the end of spring and that can add up. Don’t get your usual last minute flowers for mom or a gift card that you got at Walgreen’s for grad. Do something special this year. A nice photo album, book or a bottle of wine (for Mom…). If you start thinking about it now, you can be ready.

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