8 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best Friends Ever

If your dog is getting bad vibes from someone, maybe you should take an extra look at that relationship. It’s like your dog is letting you know when a friendship needs to call it quits – just like a best friend would. (Or, maybe your acquaintance just reeks of cats. In that case, maybe you should abandon this bullet point.)

6. Dogs are always excited to see you when you get home.

You had a bad day, and you don’t want to talk to anyone. But knowing that your dog is there with a wagging tail, ready to say hello, helps make the other stuff melt away. Plus, all your dog wants is a nice walk around the block with you, and a chance to lay close to you while you chill out with an America’s Next Top Model marathon. You don’t need to entertain, stay up till 2 AM or spend any money. What other friend is that low maintenance?

7. Puppies put a smile on everyone’s face.

Some people aren’t animal people – and I get that. But even if they don’t want to have a pet, they can’t deny smiling at least a little bit at a cute puppy gif. Clumsy puppies cure everything. Your dog might be your only buddy that’ll always make you laugh. (Unless you catch him rummaging through the garbage, as mentioned before. It’ll happen. But he’s not trying to make you mad, he’s just curious about that burger you ate yesterday.)

8. Dogs take amazing selfies.

Burly and I navigate my laptop webcam, and fail together.

Whether or not you love or hate selfies, admit it – you’ve taken a few yourself, even if you’ve chose not to post them on Instagram.

Some dogs are photogenic, and many have their own social networking sites. When you want a great selfie that’ll also serve as a memory, inviting your dog into the mix will be a great time. In fact, it’ll turn out better than the dark selfie you took with your best girlfriends at the bar that your Aunt will stumble across and awkwardly mention at the next family gathering.

Is your dog your BFF? Share your stories about your canine companion in the comments!

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