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Sure, Leslie’s year started out a bit rough – after all, she got kicked out of office, had a few run-ins with the evil Councilman Jamm (who helps me, in a weird way, justify my lack of dentist appointments) and had her best friend forever, Ann Perkins, move away from the fabulous town of Pawnee. One could chalk this all up to a really upsetting year, but since Leslie is pretty much a superhero, she managed to find ways to shine. In fact, perhaps this is her best year yet – and here are 8 reasons why.

Note: My last two points are spoilers if you haven’t caught up with the last two weeks. Read up to point six, catch up, and come back for seven and eight.


1. She Performed A Pretty Amazing Filibuster

Despite dressing like a ’90s kid, and having to use the bathroom pretty badly, Leslie still managed to ride out the clock for a cause she believed in. Even if it meant missing the birthday party she planned for Ben.

2. She Returned To A Job She Felt Comfortable With

Sure, she had to deal with a recall. But don’t we like Leslie better in the Parks Department anyway? In fact, when she was gone, things felt a bit strange. It’s a bummer that she lost her dream job, but she kind of ended up back at her (other) dream job – the job where she’s surrounded by friends.

3. She Created A New Town Slogan

It’s tough to fight a battle with Crazy Ira and the Douche, especially when online voting is involved, but Leslie managed to find a good slogan for the Pawnee and Eagleton merge, which she fully supported. Despite, you know, the fact that Eagletonians are awful.


And for once, it wasn’t hilariously insulting! Pawnee went from “First in Friendship, Fourth in Obesity” to “When you’re here, then you’re home”. Massive improvement. Even better, it doesn’t even mention Zorp.

4. She Threw An Amazing ’90s-Themed Birthday Party For Ben

Yeah, sure – she didn’t get to actually go to the event, based on the Filibuster mentioned above. But honestly, her birthday party at the roller rink was inspired, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Even Ron, who randomly discovered a new appreciation for arcade games.

5. She (Kind of) Brought Back Galentine’s Day

While her intention was to find a new best friend, it was nice for viewers to know that Leslie keeps this treasured tradition alive. It’s important to celebrate your Gal Pals, even when your bestie can’t be in attendance.

6. She Truly Got Ben The Best Gift Ever


Ben was totally romantic with his day of surprises that he unintentionally celebrated with Larry. (Speaking of which – can we just call him Jerry again?) Leslie secretly one-upped her husband by buying him the Iron Throne. Leslie takes pride in finding the absolute best presents for her friends and family, and this one was by far her greatest achievement. I mean, Ben made “the face”. Mission accomplished, Knope.

7. She’s Pregnant!


She thought it was the flu, but no – Leslie figured out that she’s actually pregnant… for under a buck. Even better, she got to hear Ben’s desire to start a family together before she even announced the great news to him. How adorable will a pregnant Leslie be? Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she avoids Sweetums NutriYums bars for the next nine months, since they’re terrible for everyone.

8. … And She’s Having Triplets?

In the most recent episode this season, “One in 8,000″, Leslie goes to Dr. Saperstein (who I’d deem to be unreliable, except for the fact that he helped Ann and Chris through their pregnancy, and is also the Fonz) and finds out that she’s having four babies! Wait – that was a smudge. There’s only three. Three babies. But could you imagine the horrors of having four?

She didn’t freak out over the news, since throughout all of her stressful events, she’s had the love and support of her husband (who, prior to Leslie’s pep talk, was freaking out.) Our girl has grown throughout these six seasons, and I can’t wait to see her take on the job title of Mom to three young politicians-in-the-making.

Solid year, Knope. I can’t wait to see how much better it’ll become.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=773838483 Allison Correia Bennett

    This is great! I cannot tell you how excited I was to see she was pregnant…I mean, I can’t imagine how funny a pregnant Leslie Knope will be. And then to find out she’s having triplets? Awesome…I loved the line Dr. Saperstein said about her body is having a “going out of business sale”. As an older mom, I can totally relate. But the best part was the end after Ben was freaking out about the difficulties they will have (especially financially) only to find all their friends were offering up their help and support. Every small town should be like Pawnee…minus the obesity.

    Finally, I have to say it because this is Zooey’s website, but I really wish/hope the writers of New Girl can take a page out of Parks and Rec’s handling of Ben and Leslie. Some couples can be so sweet, funny and just plain fun to watch together. I think Nick and Jess are the same way but different of course.

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