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7 Tips For Your First (or 100th) Music Festival

We are deep in the heart of music festival season. Some have just passed us by (Lollapalooza!), but plenty of others still lay ahead (Bumbershoot, Hopscotch and Afropunk, to name a few).

This summer, I decided to go to my first music festival with some friends. I chose to go to Glastonbury Festival in the UK as a volunteer. Being a festival virgin at Britain’s biggest one, I had no idea what I was getting myself into —but somehow managed to survive. Here are a few tips I wish I’d known ahead of time!

1.  Fanny packs are super useful — just make sure you do up the zips! My fanny pack was my savior, containing the essentials: phone, tissues, money, cards, camera, and, of course, a she-wee. It had everything I needed without the hassle of a big bag. However, as I learned on the first night, if you don’t zip it up, things will fall out. I ended up losing a few things, and the panic is real! Save yourself the heart attack and remember to keep it zipped.

2.  Always, always have an emergency toilet roll. I cannot stress this enough! Usually I have enough with me in my fanny pack, but sometimes you forget to restock and, I don’t know about you, but in desperate times, what do you do? Use half a letter you found at the bottom of your bag?! Let’s not go there. I’m not about to take a whole toilet paper roll around with me, but always bring more than you think you will need.

3.  You can never have too much anti-bacterial hand gel. Festival toilets are not pleasant: You’re going to the bathroom in a literal pit, and then, probably, going to eat. There are “sinks”, but they just don’t cut it, so make sure to have hand sanitizer at all times, ladies! It’s especially handy when your friend accidentally dips her poncho into the toilets after drinking too much and you basically have to bathe her in it.

4.  Rain boot rash is real and could happen to any one of you. At Glastonbury, one moment it’s raining and the next there’s boiling sun, but since it’s always muddy, rain boots are always a necessity. We did not account for the amount of rain boot rash we’d endeavor. Without long socks you are at serious risk, so pack a few extra pairs and maybe a couple of leg warmers for extra protection. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

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