7 Foolproof Morning Time Savers

6) Make your alarm clock hard to turn off. Have you seen these little alarm clocks on wheels that you have to chase around to turn off? Those might be a little much; maybe for the SUPER morning-inept, but an easier solution is to put your alarm across the room. How long can you really tolerate the incessant beeping before you must get up and turn it off…before you loose your mind? If you can tolerate it for particularly long…you should be studied by science.

7) Have a hair plan. Probably the biggest time eater in the morning is trying to tame your mane. I had long hair my whole life, until about a month ago, and it was nothing more than a pain in the neck. Dealing with a flat iron, curling iron, bobby pins, wide and thin-toothed combs, round brushes, the whole shebang. But now that I have shoulder length hair, I get up; flip it upside down, shake it out, and I’m ready to go! Know your easy go-to hairstyles, and always have a bottle of dry shampoo on hand – it’s something everyone should have by their 20s, a few spritzes…and voila. Instant de-greaser. Magical talc in a can.

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