7 Great Reasons To Clean Out Your Fridge

4. It’s Great For Your Mind.

Cleaning up your fridge gives you the same good feelings that cleaning any other room in the house does. By taking a big trash bag and tossing all of the questionable food, you’ll have the “out with the old, in with the new” feeling without emotions attached. (As in – throwing out the shirt you met your ex-boyfriend in 7 years ago? Sad. Throwing out mostly-bad celery? Fantastic.)

5. Stop Fooling Yourself. You’ll Never Eat Those Leftovers.

One of my personal fridge-demons is the almighty leftover. While leftovers can be amazing for lunches the next day, they’re just a waste of space if they remain in your fridge space for a few days. Even worse, if they’re not labeled, you might lose track of how old they actually are.

When you decide to save the leftovers, make sure you have a plan for them. Also, make sure to label them with the date in which they were originally made. This will help keep you more organized, and free of the dreaded feeling of discovering mold in one of those Tupperware containers.

6. Because You’re An Adult.

And if you’re not officially an adult, you’re an adult-in-training. And you’re old enough to figure out the best way to clean out those lesser-seen areas of your fridge. All glass shelves and crisper drawers should be at a room temperature before cleaning to prevent cracking when you wash them. And a great place to wash them? Your bathtub. Not only will you have a bunch of room, but it won’t seem as daunting as cleaning them in your tiny sink.

7. Because You Deserve It.

Seriously – you deserve it! Open up your fridge, and take a look inside. Get a reality check on your situation, and then ask yourself if you really deserve to be surrounded by food clutter. Do you really need 9 jars of mayonnaise? No. The answer to that will always be no, unless you’re planning on making potato salad for 18 people this weekend.

You deserve more room, and you deserve a chance to find what you’re looking for without having an obstacle course in your way. If you think about it, your fridge can very easily symbolize your life. The best lives, as well as the best fridges, have order to them.

Do you have any more tips on keeping your refrigerator clean?

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