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7 Smarter Ways To Do Everyday Things

Over the years, the Internet has produced a number of wonderful things (read: cat videos and BuzzFeed lists), but none have been more beneficial than the popular trend known as “life hacks.” These tips, which have sprung up in all corners of the Internet, serve to remind us that even the smallest nuisance can be solved with a little bit of creativity, and also, that everything we’ve ever known is a lie.

1. Eating cupcakes

As tempting as it might be to shove an entire cupcake in your mouth like some anaconda unhinging its jaw before a big meal, there is a simpler solution that reduces the risk of looking like a wild animal in public. Next time someone hands you a cupcake, pull off the cake-y bottom and move it to the top of the cupcake. This sandwich technique ensures a perfect frosting-cake ratio. For those of you who, like myself, prefer a higher percentage of frosting, you can also direct the cake-y bottom to the trash can after removal, leaving just the frosting, or else just purchase a jug of frosting and eat it in private, like the rest of us.

Let Liz show you how it’s done.

2. Using phone speakers

Anyone who’s ever been to an impromptu summer party knows how awful iPhone speakers are at projecting music beyond a 3-feet radius. While one solution to this problem would be to buy an iHome (or at least befriend someone who owns one), another, significantly cheaper option is to simply place your phone in a bowl, instantly transforming your otherwise useless cereal holder into an acoustic sound system.

Like so. (Image via RealSimple)

3. Cutting tomatoes/grapes/round things

Unless you find slicing individual tomatoes/grapes/round things therapeutic, try cutting them all at once by sandwiching the items between two plastic lids, then sliding a knife through the middle.

4. Putting clothes away

I fold clothes horizontally for the same reason that I write “start exercising” on my New Year’s Resolution list even though it never happens: I’m a creature of habit. The more I think about it, though, the more I realize that stacking clothes on top of one another makes absolutely no sense, as it forces you to take out your entire wardrobe just to see what shirts you have available. According to the Internet, drawers should be organized more like file cabinets, where the clothes are folded and packed in vertically so you can actually see all of your options without having to dig through the entire pile.

(Image via Blogspot)

5. Buying razor blades

The only thing worse than using disposable razors is emptying your wallet every few weeks to replace the ones that have grown dull. One way to avoid this problem, though, is to run a razor up and down a pair of blue jeans, thus sharpening the blade and saving you a trip to CVS.

(Image via WikiHow)

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