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7 pieces of "13 Reasons Why" jewelry from Etsy that your heart needs

Netflix’s new hit series 13 Reasons Why, which is based on a book written by Jay Asher, has captivated audiences all over for its portrayal of depression, suicide, bullying, and sexual assault. While often graphic, the series has sparked an important conversation about these difficult topics, especially in how they affect teens.

As with most popular shows, 13 Reasons Why fans have taken to Etsy to purchase some of their favorite show merchandise. Etsy jewelry shop owners have created some stunning pieces of jewelry to represent the show’s theme and message. The pieces are not only beautiful, but they’re also an amazing little reminder that keeping your mental health in check is important.

Here are 7 pieces of 13 Reasons Why jewelry you need from Etsy:

“in the end, everything matters.” Bracelet, $19.00

wishingwillowmetal / Etsy

This bracelet, from wishingwillowmetal, is simple and stunning.

13 Reasons Why Book Earrings, $7.67

Charm4Geeks / Etsy

These earrings, by Charm4Geeks are tiny covers of the book cover, which are both stunning and impressive.

13 Reasons Why Necklace, $8.49

CTaylorDesignShop / Etsy
From CTaylorDesignShop, this simple cassette tape charm with the number 13 is a simple  but elegant homage to the show.

Th1rteen R3asons Why Copper Necklace, $20.00+

LeatherLaceNCopper / Etsy
This vertical pendant from LeatherLaceNCopper, comes with a copper chain or black cord and is engraved with the lettering “Th1rteen R3asons Why.”

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