6 Tips For Avoiding Wedding Day Regrets

You’ve planned your butt off, and now the big day is here. What advice do former brides offer so you won’t have any regrets on your wedding day?

1. Do a Hair & Veil Dry Run… no matter the cost. I didn’t. My stylist (highly recommended by an A-list TV star) proceeded to put my hair into Shirley Temple ringlets, took twice the amount of time scheduled and made me miss the brunch given by my sisters. I left the salon with my BFF and immediately broke into huge bridal tears. Luckily, two friends saw my ‘do and said, “Oh, no,” wet down my head and restyled my hair to how I really wanted it. Needless to say, I was late to my own wedding. ‘Nuff said?

2. Do Eat. With 70% of brides (according to a recent study) wanting to lose weight for their wedding day, I know you’re thinking to keep that flat tummy you’ve worked so hard for and don’t eat until the reception. Uh uh. Getting sloppy drunk on your wedding day is one sure thing you will regret. And that regret can stick with you and spoil a honeymoon, too. So, what to eat? For breakfast you need protein and something light–like two poached eggs or broiled fish and some fruit or fruit juice. Lunch can be a light salad and again, some protein such as tuna or chicken. Hydrating yourself with electrolytes and carbohydrates can be good for you, too. Try Gatorade or my personal favorite because it’s zero calories, PowerAde Zero orange flavor. And why not tuck a sugar free protein bar into your handbag. Whole Foods sells a line called Think Thin and peanut butter is their tastiest flavor at 20g of protein and only 240 calories.

3. Wear The Right Shoes. I committed this no-no just last weekend. I went to a club dancing, deciding to wear my brand spanking new five inch heels. After three hours no amount of alcohol could have masked the pain I was feeling in my feet. Many brides regret that they were not more comfortable at the reception and shoes are a big reason. Have a backup pair and don’t wait until it’s too late to change into them. Once that foot pain starts up it’s hard to stop, but if you need a quick fix: soak them for a few minutes in ice water and have new hubby give you a quick foot massage, flexing those cramped muscles and bones. (Another tip: if new shoes are a little tight, take them to your local shoe repair and have them stretched. The best $10 you will ever spend and you won’t be breaking them in on your wedding day!)

4. Get Every Shot. Somehow, some way, my brother never was in the family photo at the church after the ceremony. In all that excitement and stress to get them done fast and onto the reception, he was MIA. Some brides never get a pic with her and all the groomsmen… or miss out on the flower girl who may be taking a nap after all the excitement. Whatever it may be, you want all your memories from that day. Make a list beforehand of every shot you want and then give that list to a trusted friend who can check them off and work with the photographer.

5. Have a Thank You Speech. I know that lots of toasts will come your way, and you and hubby have vows to write as well, but remember that many guest spent money too and some have traveled from afar. The gracious bride will remember to say her thank yous at the reception as well. There are lots of people who will have gotten you to this day, and especially if you turned a little Bridezilla–your thank you in front of all the guests will go a long, long way in making your peace.

6. Remember That You Are Marrying Your Husband. Don’t get so caught up in all the stress of the day and every last detail that you can’t just go with the flow and enjoy once you get there. Shit will happen, few hitches go off without a hitch, but don’t let it bother you. If your stress level is too high, see your groom before the ceremony. I know that it’s seen as bad luck, but it’s one of the top 10 regrets that most brides have. The whole day will pass by so quickly that a quiet moment together before it all starts may just be the thing to remind you what this whole shindig is about–the love you feel for each other. The party is so secondary. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ashley.lynn.cook Ashley Lynn Cook

    The hair thing, SO TOTALLY TRUE! I made the mistake of trying out a new stylist that I had never tried before (she belonged to the bridesmaid dresses salon I went to for my bridesmaids). She was so cool looking and sweet, with gorgeous hair and I loved the look and style of her room in the back of the salon that I thought for sure, she’d get my style. I went into great detail about how I wanted big voluptuous hair in big sexy curls with thick bangs and one side of hair VERY lightly swept up for a diamond clip. She said she totally understood. I left with my hair half up-half down, a ridiculous looking bump on top of my head, straggly bangs and 3 uniform curls hanging down my back. O_o……I was mortified lol I got to the church panicking and my mom had to do a last minute quick fix that still turned out terrible, but in the end, I didn’t care the moment I saw my hubby :-) <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/samantha.mann.73 Samantha Mann

    Agreed on all counts, esp. #2 – it’s good to eat sensibly, not to mention every bride I know has lost weight without even trying the 2 weeks leading up to the wedding. I didn’t want to add stress, so I didn’t watch what I ate at ALL, which meant I stress-ate and actually had to get my dress let OUT… then lost weight leading up to the wedding and my strapless dress was so loose it actually twirled around me at the waist – and I’m a BIG girl. (Thank goodness my strapless bra was big enough to keep my dress up, hahaha.)

    So yeah, #2 – eat sensibly and don’t stress the weight too much, ‘cuz you’ll probably lose the last 5 pounds the week before without even trying.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelcey.wheeler Kelcey Wheeler

    thanks for the tips! I’m getting married next August :) to the love of my life!

  • Anonymous

    My fiance and I are epnxrieecing a bit of a role reversal, in that I am in the minority of grooms, one who is the primary planner/coordinator of our upcoming wedding. My fiance has great taste and is involved with all major decisions, but is also an extremely busy professional, so I was happy to step up as the experienced party planner, doing the homework and pre-negotiating with vendors, before my fiance and I together make final selections of vendors and the plan. However, I had never planned a wedding before, so I’ve bought many books and read lots of websites and paged through many magazines (I don’t think I can look at another magazine ad of a bride-model laying horizontal on a couch without snickering). Virtually everything is written for the bride who typically plans the wedding which to me means there is a heavy emphasis on decorations and flowers and invitations and linens and color schemes it was all driving me crazy as a guy trying to put together a wedding plan that is simply fun and action oriented, while still allows for nice things. I’ve attended many dozens of weddings over the years and I’ve kept an eye on what makes weddings enjoyable and memorable: keep it festive, keep guests involved, and make sure there is time for the happy couple to spend time with each of the guests. I never saw any correlation with the size of the party, the location, the decorations, even the food quality (and I’m a big foodie), with how successful and fun the wedding was. Given this perspective, I looked and looked for wedding planning advice in all the books and magazines and websites, hoping to find action oriented advice for having a festive wedding reception frankly, I found little useful advice. Finally, just three months before our upcoming wedding, I have found the book I really needed on the recommendation of a wedding DJ friend (who lives and works in another state), I ordered Peter Merry’s book, which I have found to be chock full of actionable ideas from an experienced wedding DJ/entertainment director. He focuses on the concept of entertainment and leaves decorations and other more frivolous things to the other books. He is a welcome voice, a rare male perspective in wedding planning books, that a planning groom, and presumably planning brides as well, needs. I’ve already made adjustments to the reception agenda and found validation with some activity ideas we already had in place. Rest assured, there will be great food and many touches of elegance in the design of our wedding, but I am now more confident as ever we will have a truly festive wedding with Peter Merry’s advice influencing our plan. Many thanks to the author the advice is easily 10 times worth the cover price of the book. I strongly recommend this book to anyone planning their wedding.

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