6 Signs You Are About To Have A Meltdown

Emotional eating has commenced.

You can no longer express your feelings so you have resulted to eating them. The guy at the fro-yo joint knows you by name and it isn’t because he is hitting on you; it is because chocolate hazelnut and original swirl with granola, strawberries and Nutella has served as dinner six out of the past seven nights and has been an afternoon indulgence on two occasions. Yes, that’s right, you’ve probably had it twice in one day. It is at this point that you are dangerously close to realizing the real reason for your love affair with the frozen treat: your impending loss of sanity.

Intense emotional involvement in all things pop culture (at a higher level than what already occurs on the regular which, to be clear, I still endorse.) Also known as uncontrollable crying at random things, i.e. reality television, that HelloGiggles article on friendship, Rachel Berry’s rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ when her fellow Glee members appeared as if from no where or the end of Breaking Dawn. Yes, HelloGiggles writers are extremely talented (wink, wink!) and yes, Rachel Berry’s voice is perfection, as are the friendships on Glee. It is true that the Cullen’s defeating the Volturi signified the end of an era, so we’ll try to cut each other some slack here, but take note. Crying in your wine while indulging in two or more forms of entertainment in one week should make you question your emotional stability. Naturally, you are refusing to cry over your own life (yet) so you are projecting the waterworks on all the pop culture you are emotionally invested in. Keep those tissues close because the real flood gates are about to open.

Sound eerily familiar? Did you check off multiple (ALL) of the above? Well then my friend, you have fallen victim to the inevitable meltdown. Maybe you are on your way to having one right now. It happens to the best of us so don’t be too hard on yourself! There is really no preventing it but, at least now you know the warning signs. It is noteworthy that they often happen in no particular order, but from experience, I tend to advise that you stock up on the wine or ice cream and get the bestie on speed dial as you near crossing off the third and fourth sign. This will give you ample time to settle in and embrace what’s about to go down. After all, there is nothing wrong with a good cry when the going gets a little tough!

Now, go watch a funny video on HelloGiggles! Steer clear of those tear jerkers for a while!

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