6 Predictions For An Unpredictable ‘Scandal' Series

**Scandal Spoilers ahead! This post was written after Episode 312, “We Do Not Touch The First Ladies”**

Since True Detective ended, there has been a hole in my heart where Yellow King speculations used to be. In this difficult time, I have chosen to make some predictions about another show that keeps fans guessing: Scandal.

Scandal has never been easy to predict. While True Detective creator, Nic Pizzolatto, made it clear in interviews that 85% of what fans needed to know was right there in the first episode, Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes has routinely thrown curveballs our way. What political mess will Olivia Pope have to fix next? We are kept at the edge of our seat: luxurious white garments wrapped around our bodies, fragile, fish-bowl-sized red wine glasses balancing precariously between our nervous fingers.

So how do you predict an unpredictable show like Scandal? Wishfully, of course.

Here is my wishful thinking about how the remainder of Scandal season 3 will play out.

Olivia, we know how you feel.

1. Olivia will tell Jake Ballard she wants to be with him for real but he will reject her because he’s in love with me now he is trying to keep her safe.

Nobody is on Team Fitz, right? Let’s be real. I sometimes theorize that Shonda Rhimes created the love story between Olivia and the President as a cautionary tale for young women who continue to date men who all their friends recognize are no good. He’s dismissive and selfish and kind of a terrible president. The only time Fitz seems “busy” running the country is when he’s brushing off his wife, Mellie.


So for this reason I am rooting for Olivia to finally own up to having feelings for Jake, leaving Fitz in her past. Why do I hope he’ll reject her? Sort of for the drama but also because I’ve come to respect the power of B-613 and I refuse to believe anybody in charge of that “snake” would be able to carry on a healthy love life. If Batman can’t do it, nobody can.

2. Lisa Kudrow will come back as Congrasswoman Josephine Marcus and give another epic speech on sexism in politics.

This time she’ll drop the mic.


But seriously… Harrison was secretly hooking up with her little sister daughter, Candace – a plotline that has yet to pay off. Does that not guarantee us the triumphant return of Lisa Kudrow by the season finale?

3. Lost little lamb, Quinn, will team up with former leader of B-613 and father of the “formidable Olivia Pope,” Rowan Pope, to get rid of President “Fitz” Grant once and for all.

Assassination attempts are nothing new on Scandal. Look no further than the shot heard ‘round the Twitter during season 2. And in the mid-season 3 premiere, “Ride Sally Ride,” Papa Pope made it pretty clear he intends to prevent Fitz from making it to the end of his term.

Pretty clear.

Sure, we’ve seen evidence that Papa Pope may be assisting in Vice President/Devil Vessel Sally Langston’s attempt to run against Fitz (Quinn stole security footage of Rowan talking to Langston’s adviser, Leo Bergen), but that seems like a pretty chill retaliation strategy for someone like Rowan Pope, right? Like he’s going to order for people to be tortured and killed one day, then beat Fitz with some good old fashioned hard work and campaigning the next? Nope – not Pope. I think he’s going to catch loner-Quinn while she is trying to spy on him, realize her value as part of B-613 and as a soft spot for Olivia, pull her back to his side and together they will do… something… evil. Personally, I hope the plan is to kidnap Fitz and fill in his eyebrows a bit. I just want to see what he’d look like with eyebrows!

Artistic rendering.

Artistic rendering.

4. Abby Whelan and David Rosen will run away together and buy a modest surf shop in Maui, where they will quietly settle down.

I love these two together. I want them to be okay. I want them to run away to a place where Abby can enjoy her wardrobe of endless wrap dresses in peace. Leave them alone, Shonda! Let them be happy! Don’t pull them into any more of these dangerous scandals! It makes me nervous!

Wrap dress queen.

Wrap dress queen.

5. Harrison will turn out to be Olivia’s brother.

This is my wildcard. I’m putting it out there. We know very little about Harrison, right? Suspiciously little, considering he was the first gladiator we met and his quick-witted, cool, collected personality is the one most commonly associated with what it means to be a gladiator. We’re definitely due for a big, Harrison bombshell before the end of this season. Something about seeing him with Adnan, his old lover/insider trading partner, and then finding out that she’s also teamed up with Olivia Pope’s fugitive mother planted this seed in my head and now I want to see that seed grow. Was Harrison always trying to get his mother out of jail, thus his connections to Adnan in the first place? Is Harrison being targeted by evil Mama Pope because Papa Pope had him with someone else? Is it all a coincidence? Six degrees of international fugitive and terrorist, Maya Lewis “Pope”? Maybe it’s just my thirst to know more about Harrison that is making my mind run wild but… wouldn’t that be cool? If Olivia’s protective, brother figure turned out to actually be her brother? Yo, Scandal Easter-egg hunters – drum up some evidence for me, please! I will pay you in favors, just like a real gladiator!

6. First lady Mellie Grant will find out what James is up to and give Cyrus the heads up. She’ll then let Olivia, heartbroken over Jake’s rejection, have a sleepover with Fitz so that Fitz will stop being so cranky all the time. Then she will take Huck’s leash while Olivia isn’t looking and sick him on Papa Pope, Quinn and Leo Bergen so that they can’t assassinate or paint eyebrows on Fitz – whatever their plan may be. And then she’ll have a hot, celebratory make-out with Andrew Nichols, her husband’s new running mate. Then she’ll cut it off because Mellie’s always got her eyes on the prize and a full-blown affair is not in her five-year plan.

Gawd. Does Mellie have to do everything around here?

Unlike her husband.

What are your Scandal predictions? What’s this hyped up, OMG moment going to be? Is David Rosen going to wake up and realize it was all a nightmare?

I think we can all agree that what we want most of all is for Olivia to find her footing, put her white hat back on and tell us where we can buy a set of those wine glasses. (Crate and Barrel?)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=54904907 Jasmine Raeford

    Your Harrison prediction is stupid (I’m not calling you stupid though). It makes no sense and would not be “cool” at all. It basically would diminish his loyalty and love for Olivia down to them being related but not actually having grown up together (all black people are related don’t you know!). It would ruin his character and motivations.

    Plus it makes no sense (besides him being black of course). Papa Pope has shown no interest in anyone but Olivia as his child. He was at OPA and never looked twice at Harrison and Harrison never reacted to him. Mama Pope was in lockup for over 20 years (about 22), Harrison is younger than Olivia who is 34-35 or so. So I would put Harrison at maybe 28-29. So Mama Pope has been in B613 lockdown almost his whole damn life and she wasn’t eating her wrist or concerned about anyone but Olivia and hasn’t tried to speak to or spoken of anyone but Olivia. Lets not forget Harrison was in the same room as Mama Pope at the safe house and did she look at him twice? Hell no. And he didn’t react to his ‘long lost Mama that he has been trying to get out of lockup this whole time though he would not even remember or know her’ either.

    This lazy prediction that has been thrown out by a few would have no pay off whatsoever since Mama Pope and Papa Pope don’t show any concern for another lost child or would have never even been in Harrison’s life. Meaning he was raised by some other people, doesn’t know either one of them and it wouldn’t change his relationship with Olivia except in the sense of ‘thank goodness Olivia was never attracted to him or we never slept together’ way.

    Also, although Papa Popes parenting skills have been in question, he has provided Olivia with the finest things (education, boarding schools etc. and is damn proud of that and what she has accomplished). Harrison on the other hand was a car salesman! lol Nothing wrong with that but still, he turned to white collar crime. That doesn’t lead me to suspect Papa Pope had some child on the side that he was taking care of.

    What Mama Popes connection to Adnan is we will find out soon I’m sure, but I doubt it has anything to do with some blood relation to Harrison. Any prior working relationship with Adnan would have been over 20 years ago remember, well before Harrison would have known her or been on the scene. It probably is simply a connection to getting inside OPA (and to Olivia) and inside the White House. I doubt their connection goes back that far, probably she hooked up with Adnan for the first time once out of B613 to gain access to OPA and the WH.

    So in summary…. please no… hell no! to that storyline ever being true.

    Last but not least…when we saw Adnan come into the hotel room and we got the first glimpse of Mama Pope…it might have only been me…but there was something really sexual about that scene. It might be just that the actress that plays Adnan is highly attractive and sexy and the actress playing Mama Pope is playing her character so mysteriously and kind of crazy/sexy. My CRAZY thought is that maybe there is more than a working relationship there…? lol I doubt we see that on screen but it’s more interesting and/or likely then Harrison as the brother! ugh.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=23301338 Mary Traina

      Haha, I looked it up and I found other people who have that theory! You’re right. But to their credit, they are calling him “Brolivia.” Which is a fun name. And maybe a year ago if somebody had said the mysterious man would turn out to be Olivia’s father, we’d have all have laughed and said not all black people are related! Just kidding :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=23301338 Mary Traina

      Also… I got a romantic vibe between Mama Pope and Adnan, too… not just you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502312522 Dana M. Abel

    I’m in love with this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=10139163 Julieta Lewis

    I have to also say something about the “Olivia and Harrison are long lost brother and sister” prediction. Your grounds for making this claim are extremely flimsy. It’s basically saying “He knows someone who knows her mom and they are both black so they must be related!” I am sure you meant no harm but the “all black people are related” thing is extremely narrow minded and indicative of a larger problem in American society.

    Would you assume Jake and Cyrus’s husband were related if they had a person in common from their past?

    Or Quin was Cyus’s daughter bc of some obscure connection?

    Like I said, I am sure you meant no harm, I am African American and I’m not at all offended. I just ask that you take a little deeper look at the way you view race.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=23301338 Mary Traina

      I read an interview with someone on the show before this season began that promised this season would finally go into Harrison’s back story, which it has yet to do. So I just wanted to speculate *something* on him and given how little information we have, my limited understanding of insider trading, and the soap-opera feel of the show, a sibling bomb seemed as good a guess as any. It’s already an established theory that’s been floating around, which people of all races seem to have, and the fact that so much of the show lately has been about rolling out Olivia’s surprise family history, it seemed plausible enough and yet crazy enough at the same time to fit with the spirit of “predicting an unpredictable” show and I’d hoped that that would be the spirit in which this would be read by fans. Sally’s husband being a closeted gay man was a stereotype that made me cringe, as was one of three black guys on the show ending up to be Olivia’s father, as was using rape to make Mellie sympathetic in the eyes of the viewer and an actress of Iranian decent hanging out with a terrorist, but I guess I always forgive Scandal for playing with stereotypes because it moves so quickly beyond them. Since I’m not a writer of Scandal however, I definitely regret any harm I did with that crazy prediction. The internet has a one-on-one feel and ends up meaning a lot of different things to a lot of people and I often forget that – I appreciate the reminder so that I can be more cautious in the future with what I’m putting out there.

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