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What up, HelloGiggles?! I wanted to share a video with you, that I did a while back for my personal blog. I think it’s perfect for Style Me Grasie because it teaches you 5 different ways to rock any blazer in your closet. It’s part of my 5 Ways To Wear It music video series featuring my favorite Marc Jacobs corduroy blazer (it was a gift, because mama can not afford Marc Jacobs! Any blazer will work though) Also featuring music from The Stroke’s “Under Cover Of Darkness.”

In these looks:

All looks with Marc Jacobs grey corduroy blazer. -

  1. Day Trip – Urban Outfitters tank & sandals, Levi’s Vintage jean shorts, Forever 21 diamond stud earrings with Mr. Kate ear cuffs
  2. CocktailsSome Odd Rubies party dress, Forever 21 heels, Urban Outfitters belt, and JewelMint diamond versailles earrings.
  3. Movie Night - Wrangler for Barney’s Co op jeans, Vintage t-shirt, NYC Street Vendor scarf, Vintage Cowboy boots, Mr. Kate ring and Vintage bracelets.
  4. Board Meeting – Urban Outfitters high-waisted skirt & tank blouse, Marc Jacob heels and Vintage pearl necklace.
  5. Sunday Best – Vintage sundress, Urban Outfitters belt, Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges, Macy’s gold stud earrings.
  • Mary Sizelove

    I love ways to style up the classy blazer! Thanks girl!

  • Kathleen McAlister

    Love this! Nice twist on a list like this – and such a likable personality!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      thank you so much! xo

  • Beth Curry

    Ah, this is great! If only I could have made the blazer I had to wear for school (for 4 years) this fashionable.

  • Grasie Mercedes

    thanks lady! :)

  • Marissa A. Ross

    You’re too cute! Definitely going to have to cop the “Day Trip” this summer. :)

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