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5 Ways To Wear It: LBD (Little Black Dress)

Chances are, it’s still hot as heck where you are (I know it is here) but fall is just around the corner and with fall comes Fall Fashion! My favorite time of the year. Granted, I live in LA, which means I have to keep my layering to a minimum but it’s still fun to throw on blazers, scarfs and boots. Here’s a video I did for my personal Style blog that shows you 5 fun ways to wear the LBD in your closet. I dance and give my best model face, all while trying not to fall on my butt from putting on shoes while standing up. (Why I didn’t just use a chair, I’ll never know!)

In these looks: Urban Renewal dress by Urban Outfitters (in all looks)

  1. Meet The Parents American Eagle necklace, Sparkle & Fade pullover sweater, Urban Outfitters sparkle tights & Steve Madden patent leather bootie boots.
  2. Pitch Meeting Vintage blazer, Urban Outfitters skinny belt and pattern tights & Vintage brown boots.
  3. Dive Bar American Apparel circle scarf, Vintage Stevie Nicks t-shirt, Various bangle bracelets & Vintage brown/black leather boots.
  4. Happy Hour Vintage vest, American Apparel chain necklace, opaque black tights & All Black brown bootie boots.
  5. First Date American Apparel sheer top and skinny belt, Forever 21 earrings & heels.
Video shot & edited by Michael Garcia
Featuring music by N.E.R.D. ‘Hot n Fun’

  • Shelly Gallender

    Fun! Loved the music and dance/demo’s. :) I also learned something- I need to get over my fear of combining black and brown and gold and silver since both looked great here. :)

    • Grasie Mercedes

      awesome! that’s great to hear. YES, play in your closet. try new things and see if you like them. “rules” can always be broken…especially in fashion :)

  • Shereen Hussain

    I love ALL the looks! I’ve never seen one of those large sheer tops before, looks great, must find myself one of them!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      thanks!!! you can get that sheer top at American Apparel

  • Sue Choi

    so cute!!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      thanks so much!

  • Julia Drewniak

    LOVED the style of the video! And the looks are adorable!! Great work.

  • Shereen Hussain

    If you ever come to London, UK, I’d love for you to do one of those ‘no shopping necessary’ things for me

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