Style Me Grasie 5 Ways To Wear It: For Winter Grasie Mercedes

The holidays are officially over but the cold temps are still here (okay, not so much here in LA, but almost everywhere else) and with chilly temps come some fun Winter activities. This 5 Ways To Wear It shows you what to wear for some cool Winter fun. Check it out and leave a comment below letting me know what you think. PS – play in your closet!

  • 1. Snow Ball Fight – American Eagle hat & thermal, Forever 21 sweater, H&M jeans, Urban Outfitters jacket,American Apparel circle scarf and Vintage cut cowboy boots
  • 2. Coffee Break – Vintage leather jacket & skirt, Gap scarf, Lulu’s boots (gifted)
  • 3. After Christmas Returns – Urban Outfitters top, Madewell jeans, Joie cardigan sweater, Gap peacoat, Forever 21 boots and scarf (tagless)
  • 4. Dinner At The Ski Lodge – LBD from Goodwill (tagless), Urban Outfitters vest, Aerie circle scarf, Vintage coat, Monika Nyzio boots (gifted)
  • 5. Ice Skating & Hot Cocoa – H&M faux leather leggings, Urban Outfitters top, American Eagle sweater vest, Gap scarf, Lulu’s boots (gifted)

Shot, directed and edited by Michael Garcia
Music by Spirit Animal


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  1. I just wanna point out how adorable she is! :D

  2. What pants are you wearing in snowball fight? I’ve been looking for some higher-waisted skinnies.

  3. i love this! i want to do this with my closet so it’s easier to get dressed for work in the morning. actually, i want someone else to do that for me since i’m often uninspired when facing my own clothes. always seems like i have so much clothes, but never have anything to wear. the plight of a woman! great video! :)

    • thank you! yes it’s sometimes tough to battle your own closet. when i work with clients i can instantly create outfits in a snap. when i dress in the morning it takes a few extra minutes. :)

      Grasie Mercedes | 1/04/2012 09:01 am
  4. Love these! I live in Canada, and being cold is a part of winter. Tights and boots is all you really need to know:) Thanks!

  5. I completely agree Clare. None of these winter looks would work well for walking around Boston. The mere thought of bare legs at night for dinner in look 4 makes me cringe, it was 11 degrees on my morning commute today.

    • i totally get it emily. i grew up in nyc going to catholic school having to wear a skirt daily in freezing temps. just alter the looks for boston. add super thick tights or leggings with the skirts and throw a huge coat on top of any of the looks. keep warm! xo

      Grasie Mercedes | 1/04/2012 08:01 am
  6. Styles look great, but unfortunately for me the place where I live is too cold for most of these looks at this time of year. This is more like fall wear for us.

    • thanks clare! i completely understand. just add layers to the looks to customize them to your city’s temps. add a big down coat on top or tights and leggings with the skirt looks! im from ny so i know all about butt cold winters! xo

      Grasie Mercedes | 1/04/2012 08:01 am
  7. love love love!

  8. I loved that. kept me interested and the styles were amazing. I think I could even pull off some of them. The model was so energetic too. great video. thanks.

    • thanks amber and of course you can pull them off! xo

      Grasie Mercedes | 1/04/2012 08:01 am