Teenage Wasteland

5 things I Learnt from ‘My So Called Life'

1. A boy shouldn’t be scared to walk down the hall holding your hand.

Am I the only one who squealed a little when Jordan and Angela walked down the hall hand in hand? My favorite part about this scene is that he didn’t care about if his friends would laugh at him, or what anyone thought of him. He held her hand because he liked her, and he wanted to! It’s pretty much impossible not to ship Jangela. I really like this one because I know how annoying it is when someone is embarrassed to be friends with you or be dating you.

2. Its totally cool having a gay best friend.

I really wish I had a friend like Rickie. Not only would Rickie be my favorite gay best friend who could stereotypically help my go shopping and give me advice on shoes, but he is a really strong-minded person. What boy in high school would have the guts to walk into a girls bathroom and hang out? What I really like about his character is that he wears makeup, he dresses fashionably and he acts like himself, not caring about what other people think of him. If there were a boy in my grade who was even remotely close to Rickie, we would be best friends. Possibly by force.

3. You’re probably not going to end up with your dream guy.

While Jordan Catalano was there for Angela 2% of the time, Brian Krakow is there for Angela 100% of the time. Angela is smart, and if she knows whats best for her, she would probably go for Brian later on. He’s super smart and a dork, but it’s petty obvious he’s loved her his entire life. Which leads me to believe that your dream guy isn’t always the guy you’re going to end up with. I hate to admit that my **favorite** male character on any TV show ever (JORDAN CATALANO) is probably not going to end up with Angela. I’ve accepted the fact that she’s going to marry Brian.

4. Don’t be friends with the drug and alcohol addicted girl.
I would not be friends with Rayanne Graff. I’m sorry, nope, not gonna do it for me. I think one of the biggest reasons why is because I would be constantly worrying about her. Its most likely because I have a panic disorder, and a stress disorder, and an anxiety disorder, but I would probably poop my pants thinking about if she’s alright 24/7. In the episode where she almost OD’d, I almost cried. I’m also not sure I’d want to be in that group of friends. You know what I mean.

5. Don’t drink or do drugs, because you’ll likely end up in the hospital with your stomach pumped.
Like I wasn’t already afraid of the day that I’m offered a beer at a party, or asked if I was interested in buying some weed. I’m now even more afraid of drinking and getting into drugs. After seeing the episode where Rayanne almost OD’d, I am 100% positive I am never doing drugs. Ever. I think it’s because I over-analyze things, but now I’m even less inclined to be stupid when I’m a teenager. Come on. Who wants to get their stomach pumped…? Definitely not me!

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