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5 Scenes So Depressing I Can't Even Watch the Rest of the Movie/TV Show

I used to be able to watch movies with really sad scenes. In fact, most movies made for kids have really sad, heart-wrenching scenes so you’d really have to go out of your way not to watch a movie with a horrifically sad scene. I’ve come to find that I can no longer watch these movies I loved as a kid because the sad parts are just too sad.

As an adult, I can’t enjoy the fun and happy parts of these shows/movies because I just keep thinking of the terrible things to come. I know that these scenes will be over and our protagonists will recover and probably go on to have a happy moment that will seem even more full of joy because of how low they were, but I just can’t deal with it.

But now that this list is compiled, I see the problem. It’s animals. I can’t handle a sad animal. Human tragedy and drama? No problem! Bring on death and destruction for humankind and I’m right on board. I’ll love to cry over that funeral in Four Weddings and a Funeral or bawl when what’s-her-face bites it in Moulin Rouge. Just leave the animals out of it, please. And maybe also kids. Because I really can’t deal with My Girl.

Anyway, if you also love animals, prepared to be bummed out!

1. Land Before Time

When Little Foot’s mom dies, I die. This poor little dinosaur has to get along without any family. Luckily he meets a scrappy group of other orphaned dinosaur babies and they make their way to the Great Valley together. I rented this movie almost every week until I finally recorded it off the TV and had it on a VHS tape. But now I don’t think I can ever watch this movie again, because of that one scene.

2. Homeward Bound

When Shadow gets stuck in the mud and Chance can’t save him and Shadow tells him and Sassy to on without him. I don’t know how I handled this as a child. As a big fat animal lover, especially as a kid, I shouldn’t have been able to make it through this scene. But this was another VHS that I wore out from constant watching. Now? No way, Joe. I cannot watch this again. How did I do it? I am baffled.

3. Most Disney movies, but I’m gonna go with The Lion King

Obviously we all know what I’m talking about – Mufasa kicking the bucket. What is it with these animal movies killing off parental units? So uncool. I mention Lion King specifically other than Dumbo, Bambi or The Fox and the Hound because I watched it somewhat recently in the theatres when it was re-released in 3D, mainly for the music. I didn’t leave for Mufasa’s death, but I wish I had. I really wish I had.

4. Neverending Story

The quicksand scene when Artax dies in the aptly named Swamp of Sadness. I actually had blocked this from memory until I started researching this article. I clearly can not deal with best friend horse death by sand.

5. The Futurama episode with Fry’s dog

There’s an episode of Futurama where Fry  tries to clone a dog he had a dog back in 1999 and basically I’m going to skip over the whole episode to get to the sad bit, which is that it doesn’t really work and Fry  comes to grips with the fact that Seymour is gone forever by figuring the dog was fine after he disappeared in 1999. But then it shows Seymour just waiting and waiting for Fry until he eventually dies of old age. He waits for him forever. So sad! Only watch this episode if you want to weep like a willow.

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  • Debbie Potter

    I saw the Lion King 3D and when I knew that part was coming up, that was the time to ask everyone if they needed anything and I left for 5 minutes. I couldn’t handle it! I use to have a major crush on J.T.T (who played the voice of Simba) and I couldn’t take him crying.

  • Beata Weidinger

    I can’t stop crying during The Lion King. The first 32 minutes are hardest to me because I know Mufasa will die and I cry all the time endlessly.

    • Laura Kadner

      I know! And then I’m sad the rest of the time because all I’m thinking about is Mufasa! And then I get more sad when he talks to him from the clouds or whatever it was.

    • Beata Weidinger

      Laura, Omg the cloude scene is killing me everytime, at that point I can’t control my tears.

  • Thu Ngo

    That Futurama episode, YES. I BAWL.

  • Stevie Caldarola

    This was my reaction to that Futurama episode: ::silent tears:: “Futurama made me cry?! Futurama made me cry? Futurama made me cry!” (note the punctuation). Then I rewound it and watched it again… and cried some more. I also sobbed like a baby at that puppy chow commercial where you see the dog and the kid grow up simultaneously (you all know what I’m talking about). Every. Time.

  • Jeni Prats

    What Glamour Fashion Don’t were you?

    • Laura Kadner

      I few years ago I was called out for wearing leggings under a skirt – I was a proud number 17 on their Don’ts list!

  • Luis Filipe Spencer Freitas

    I cried so much on the Futurama episode. It’s unexpected for the type of show.

    • Laura Kadner

      Yeah – they also had a couple other more serious episodes – one with Fry’s brother was really sad if I can recall….

  • April Sutter

    Omg….Neverending Story kills me! I can’t even remember the rest of the movie because all I can think of is him crying telling Artax not to give up. And that Futurama episode is like a punch to the gut too.

  • Elle Caddie

    I remember ‘My Girl’ being the saddest movie of my childhood, I rewatched it recently & practically sobbed the entire time because I knew what was coming. The funeral scene just destroys me.

    • Carly Ryan

      Somewhere Out There in An American Tale, the drowning in Rats of Nimh, almost every scene from Fox & the Hound, My Girl 2 when she watches the home vid of her mom singing…. Never Ending Story used to kill me. There’s another super sad horse death in International Velvet. Rufio dying in Hook, too!

  • Traci Kim

    When I saw the title of this article I thought: “FRY’S DOG!” Seriously the WORST (aka saddest) episode of Futurama EVER. Sometimes when I want to make my best friend cry I will just mention it and we’ll both sob like little babies.

  • Whitney Thomas

    How did “Up” not make this list? I was emotionally unstable the entire time after the guy’s wife died.

    • Laura Kadner

      I was too scarred because I watched it on Netflix and it froze after his wife died and I literally couldn’t watch the rest of the movie! And now it’s too sad!

    • Deannah Robinson

      SAME HERE!

  • Julia Kubke

    OMG…I could start crying right now! I have the same problem…there are hundreds of people dying…no problem, but if there is an animal getting hurt or dying I’m done! And than you hear these comments like: “OmG…you cried because Will Smith’s dog died in “I am Legend”? It was a zombie and wanted to kill him!” Yes, I cried my eyes out…because I HAVE A HEART, idiot! ;P

  • Charlotte Ellis

    I had forgotten all about Land before time- heartbreaking!! Sob!!

  • Jessica LaBarre

    I stopped watching Futurama because of that episode! I teared up seeing the picture just now.

  • Ceri Pollard

    I always cry at the end of The Snowman – just the expression on the boy’s face when he find out he’s melted D: And the Red Shoes too, that always makes me cry. But I will admit, it took everything I had to keep it together watching *that* Futurama episode, and I only saw it by chance!

  • Laura Stuart

    That scene in Homeward Bound gets me all the time. I remember when my dad took me to see it in the theater when I was a kid, and the whole front of my shirt was soaked because I was crying so damn hard.

    • Dana Glenn

      Homeward Bound!!! I cry from when Shadow is left through when that poor little boy sees Sassy and Chance come back and wonders where Shadow is…and then when Shadow comes back!! What happiness!!!

  • Katie Living Stone

    I especially agree with 1 and 5 uuuuuurghhhh D':

  • Alex McKelley

    I can’t watch Jack Frost (the one where the dad dies and comes back as a snow man, not the other one) because, even though I was perfectly fine watching it when I was younger, now all I do is bawl because their family looks so happy and I know what’s to come…:(

  • Brisa Amador

    Totally agree with the futurama episode!!

  • Sarah Hoover

    The Futurama episode ruined “I’m walking on sunshine” – totally the absolute saddest song ever now.

  • Joel Emmett

    Jessie’s song in “Toy Story 2.” Never even saw TS3 as a result.

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