5 Reasons To Be Obsessed With Mary Frisbie Wood

A Frisbee isn’t just a flying disc anymore. If you’ve never heard of the music company Frisbie, you should probably get acquainted. The company was founded by Mary Frisbie Wood in 2006 and boasts some pretty amazing accomplishments. Not only that, but Mary Frisbie Wood is basically a cool cucumber that I am now obsessed with. Here’s why:


Yes, you read that right. As I was reading about Mary Frisbie Wood, I came across two words that made me gasp so hard, I sucked all the air out of the room: Spice Girls. While 5-year-old me was eating glue in kindergarten, MFW was busy spicing up her life and making a name for herself as a songwriter for Pepsi. Wood co-wrote “Move Over” (“Generation next, generation next. Let me tell you ’bout a thing, gotta put it to the test.” I could keep going. No?) for a Pepsi commercial. “Move Over” became a pop hit for the Spice Girls and was featured on their 1997 album Spice World which, for reasons unbeknownst to me, was not nominated for any Grammys.

2. She’s A Lady
What a great time it is to be a lady. We just keep doing awesome things like we can’t help ourselves. Being a HBIC is so wonderfully in style right now. Whenever I see a female fronted company, I automatically fall in love with it. Because WOMEN.

3. She’s An Advertising Guru

Have you ever heard a song and said to yourself, “Now THAT song belongs in a Nike commercial?” Yeah, me too. It’s one of those jobs that you don’t really think about, but when you do think about it, you realize it’s the coolest job ever, and it’s exactly the job Frisbie does.

You know that Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial with the adorable couple giggling while feeding each other strawberries dipped in cream cheese that is so cute that it’s borderline gross? There is a song playing in the background that goes “Spread a little love today, spread a little love my way,” that you find yourself singing along to EVERY TIME (please tell me it’s not just me). Well, you can thank Frisbie for getting that song stuck in your head.

The company has worked on advertisements for huge names like Adidas, Bud Light and Gap’s Be Bright campaign, which you HelloGigglers should be familiar with. They even have a few ads coming out during my favorite TV show of the year, Commercials With Bits Of Football In Between, otherwise known as the Super Bowl. I mean, I’ve never had and ad in the Super Bowl, but I would imagine that that pretty much means you’ve made it in advertising.

4. Frisbie Is A Totally Rad Studio

Frisbie hosts a monthly event at the Frisbie loft called “Fun Machine” which blends the worlds of art and music. At the party, a unique mural by a street artist is unveiled during a live musical performance. That mural remains on display inside the loft for the next month. Do I even need to talk about what  it is so cool about that? Did you see the above photo? Cool music and art= sold.

5. Tap Dat App

Not only does Frisbie have a popular app, but it also set up that amazing subtitle I’ve been trying to use for a month. The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run is available in the App Store and won a 2012 Webby Award. The game is fun, but what is unique about Run Kitty Run is the message behind it. The main character, Timmy, wears a cat suit and has an active imagination. The goal of the game is for Timmy to save a girl from the school bully. The game includes anti-bullying tips and a quiz about bullying at the player’s school. The information will be used to rank  schools in the country based on the issue.

Mary Frisbie Wood and her company, Frisbie, are clearly the greatest. All of the above coolness is in addition to producing successful records from artists like Benji Hughes, Pirate Heart and Ben Lee and scoring and writing songs used in the Nick Jr. hit show, Team Umizoomi.

So, there you have it. Go forth and be obsessed.

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