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5 Hairstyles Inspired By Your Favorite Disney Princesses

How to recreate: Use a slicking product like Kevin Murphy’s Young.Again Oil to give your hair shine and that sleek look. Brush it in from the hair line back and then gather the hair into a high ponytail. To complete, you can either bust out your best sock bun by rolling your hair over a sock to get big volume or you can tease the ponytail, smooth out the outsides and twist the length into a high bun. Finish with hairspray and add a lilly or cherry blossom for a totally authentic Mulan look!

Hint: Use the toothbrush trick to make sure all the hair at your hair line stays down and in place.

The Arabian Beauty

Inspired by: Jasmine’s trendy hairpiece

Why it works: A chic middle part, volume rolled back into the length and an incredibly trendy piece of hair jewelry is so Jasmine and so amazingly cool. The girl that wears this hairstyle to prom or elsewhere will look sophisticated and worldly and will be sure to turn heads all night. Use the length of the hair in an intricate updo or go classic Jasmine with a pumped up couture ponytail. I love that this look feels effortless and bohemian yet so well thought out at the same time.

How to recreate: Place your hair piece on your middle part and clasp in the back so that it stays. Sometimes I have to use a bobby pin to secure in the back, so do that if you have fine hair like me. Then, roll a section back on each side to get big, big volume along the front. From this point you can either tuck those two rolls into a half up style under your hairpiece or you can go with a full on updo. My favorite way to do this would be to pull all of the hair including the two rolls into a low ponytail. And then backcomb the entire ponytail and smooth out the outside for big, smooth volume. Then add ponytail holders two inches apart all the way down the length of the hair. This is totally Jasmine and also happens to be huuuuge on the runways this season!

Hint: Order a replica of the infamous Kim K piece on  Amazon here! I had a bride bring this in for a trial recently and I was so inspired that I bought a copy for myself to rock all summer!

The Vintage Glam

Inspired by: Tiana’s wavy bob

Why it works: If you are one of the bold beauties rocking a shorter hairstyle these days, this is the perfect way to do it up in a way that’s classy, fearless and fun. That retro feel will never go out of style so you’ll always look back at photos and see a timeless quality to them. Also, this look can perfectly balance out a more glam, modern dress or take center stage in complementing a simple little black dress.

How to recreate: You’ll need a root booster and a lotion to give you hold. Blowdry both in until your hair is completely dry. Then bust out your hot rollers for some vintage inspiration. Place them back in the crown and towards the face around the hair line because the key to a great retro look is movement around the face. Once your rollers have had time to completely cool, take them out and spray all hair with hairspray. Then, brush through with a smoothing brush to finish!

Hint: Make sure to use a boar brush for smoothing to get extra shine.

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