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5 Lady-Powered Podcasts We're Loving Right Now

Why do podcasts get such a weird rap? Yes, they are often inaccessible and male-dominated, but there are many just waiting to be heard and loved once you’ve done a little digital crate digging. I was never a podcast fan, but after a year spent working in radio and finding a strong community of young women using the platform, I’ve become a strident supporter. I’m even working on a storytelling one of my own. In my podcast awakening, I’ve found five gems led by a unique and diverse group of women that are worthy of a few more listeners.

1. Black Girls Talking

The ladies of Black Girls Talking (Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia and Ramou) are equal parts big sisters and sage advisors. The depth of their opinions as well as the timeliness of the subject matter is sharper than most other podcasts. And their guests – from journalists to graphic designers to other crushworthy occupations – are thrilled to be a temporary part of the gang. Their flow is like overhearing a nearby dinner party conversation and wishing you were invited. But my favorite part is how distinctly each cast member shines on the podcast. They are NOT a united front and thank goodness for that. Subscribe to the podcast here.

2. Call Your Girlfriend

Naming a podcast off of a classic Robyn song is always a great sign. And although this ‘cast is not a tale of infidelity, it is straight-up good. Hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, Call Your Girlfriend is a free-for-all podcast about a range of subjects from two friends living across the country from each other. It’s witty, warm and welcoming, just like your IRL friendships and each episode is strongly edited to allow for a quick listen on your morning commute. Subscribe to the podcast here.

3. Swoonstep

Hosted by Crystal and Megan, Swoonstep fills a consistently large hole in music coverage – namely, the opinions of women. I especially like the latter half of the podcast where the women (along with their guests) freely indulge in talk about their music crushes. Don’t get me wrong! They also offer some fresh and biting insight on music trends like the resurgence of pop punk, but doesn’t it sound great to hear two ladies speak honestly about their anger, frustration and swooning without judgment? Like their slogan says, the show is “babes talkin’ about babes.” Listen to all of the episodes here.

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