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No one has money anymore, it’s hilarious! Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!


So with the holidays rapidly approaching, you may feel anxious about what you’re supposed to get your loved ones and selected enemies. Here are some ideas that are free and breezy.

5. Learn “your song” (or a romantic song) on an instrument and sing it to your significant other when they least expect it. It’s like that movie! You know, all of them! But also The Wedding Singer, where Adam Sandler emerges from coach into first class on an airplane to serenade Drew Barrymore on a guitar. Warning: some people might be really upset and embarrassed if you do this to them, so hopefully you know your partner/BFF well enough.

He's doing it wrong.

4. Lip dub. Lip dubs are the new flashmobs and thank goodness for that. Flashmobs can be horrifying. But lip dubs? Joy!

And here’s one of my friend Chloe lip synching to She & Him on an airplane and it’s one of the cutest things you’ll ever see:

See how fun?!

3. A handmade scrapbook of your favorite memories. My friend Michelle made one of these for me for my birthday and it meant a lot because I had just switched schools, leaving her and my friends behind. It really lifted my spirits. She included old photos and even got all of my friends from my old school to sign the book! I still have it, tucked away in a very safe place that I cannot find, but totally exists.

I would automatically include this photo in any scrapbook.

2. Write a play for them. Plays are like YouTube videos but without the internet. You could do a sketch too. Think of your favorite memory you have with your buddy or make something up that you’d like to do together. Then grab other cheap friends and perform it together! You can even make cute tickets. It’s like a third grade play but without all of the annoying third graders.

Especially this one.

1. Make a music video of their life. Or use footage from a trip you took together, or whatever else you have. You can go waaaay back using embarrassing video their parents took or you can shoot new clips on your smartphone and not tell them what it’s for. Here’s an example of a video I made of my trip to New York. I was so happy to see my east coast friends!

Sometimes the best gifts you can give are ones that say, “I spent a lot of time on this” rather than “I spent a lot of money on this.”

Or screw it and made a mixed CD.

Gas photo from Cracked. Other images from Shutterstock: 1, 2, 3. Featured image is of my friend Max Landis. In case you’re wondering, this is his life.


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  1. Bonus points for making montages for me in which I wear a lot of red.

  2. This might apply to those of us near television studios, but you can take someone to a show taping. It’s free! Especially if it’s a talk show with a favorite actor/singer/celebrity. I was able to take my Mom last week to see Robert Downey Jr, her favorite actor. One of the crew members even gave us a cue card with Robert’s name on it as a gift to my Mom. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon!

  3. The second lip dub video made me smile so much!

  4. And by someone she knows she means her son.

  5. Where did you find the photo captioned, “I would automatically include this photo in any scrapbook.” It bears an uncanny resemblance to someone I know.

  6. give them a “I will eat what you cook coupon and I promise not to complain”

  7. Thank you for introducing me to ‘lip dub’! SUCH a great idea! lol