40 Pumpkins For Gamers And NerdsMichele Morrow

Get out your apple cider and favorite knife… it’s time to carve some awesome pumpkins!

Picking the perfect pumpkin is a personal preference.  It all depends on your design.  But I’m not much of a planner when it comes to creativity.  I say, let the ghosts and goblins guide you.  Enter the pumpkin patch, close your eyes, spin around three times and … GO!  Whatever you trip on first is the pumpkin you must slay.

Now that you’ve found your victim, it’s time to make a masterpiece … or a mess.  Whichever you prefer.  There are some great templates if you want to learn how at Pink Raygun or Fantasy Pumpkins, or you can do a simple Google search if you’re looking for something more specific.  Last year my boyfriend and I opted for Thundercats and Pac-Man (one of us used a template… one of us did not):

Have fun and send me some links if you too craved to carve your very own gamer or geeky pumpkin!

I CHOOSE YOU! Pokémon’s Pikachu via GeekPodcast.com:

Old school arcade with Space Invaders via Babble:

An oblong pumpkin in sci-fi splendor with Star Wars’ R2D2 via FantasyPumpkins:

8-Bit Mega Man via JJGames:

World of Warcraft’s Illidan Stormrage via Joystiq:

Portal pumpkin via JJGames:

Super Mario Bros.’ Goomba via SpriteStitch:

Dr. Who’s 10h Doctor & Tardis via Pink RayGun

Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, pellets and ghosts via MyRemoteRadio:

Gimme some sugar, baby!  Ash from Army of Darkness via Reddit:

Halo’s very own Master Chief via PhotoBucket of Cipherlsradia:

Boo from Super Mario Bros. via ZombiePumpkins:

Firefly’s Serenity (*cry*) via NeoColours:

Star Wars’ Death Star via TopTenz:

Carved on mini-pumpkins you GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL Pokémon via ZombiePumpkins:

The Legend of Zelda’s Link via ZombiePumpkins:

 Half Life via Flickr:

Mario of Super Mario Bros. via Ryan’s Go Blog:

Street Fighter’s Ryu via BitMob:

Metroid’s Mother Brain via SplitReason:

World of Warcraft’s Alliance Faction logo via FactPile:

(TOO FUNNY!) Mortal Kombat “Finishing Move” via JJGames:

Sonic The Hedgehog via JJGames:

SO CUTE!! Love the Converse on this Super Mario Bros.’ Bob-omb via LoyalKng:

Old School!  Earthworm Jim via CemdeeDeviantArt:

Resident Evil via Joystiq:

Little Big Planet’s Sack Boy via GeeksPodcast:

Final Fantasy Chocobo via ZombiePumpkins:

Gears of War via SplitReason:

The Legend of Zelda’s Link via Kotaku:

The CLASSIC… The Headless Horseman via Reddit:

Hello Kitty Witch via GeekSugar:

Who says you can’t add to the pumpkin?  This is kinda amazing… Dr. Who Dalek via i09:

Bioshock Big Daddy via QuestionableContent:

Star Trek inspired pumpkin via JusCuz

Borderlands via SplitReason:

Battlestar Galactica CYLON via UpRoxx:

Lastly… as if I needed to find a pumpkin sexy *sigh* Firefly’s Malcolm Reynolds via Robots Ate My Arms DeviantAart:


And just to get you in the mood, here’s a fan rendition of Plants Vs. Zombie’s Gangnam Style!


Featured Image: Giluc Deviant Art



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  1. I want to make the Firefly pumpkin!!

  2. ooh ooh i wanna do a cylon!

  3. LOVED that Dalek!!

  4. I’m surprised to not see a James Bond one there to be honest. The iconic image of Bond through the gun barrel.