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30-Year-Old Teenage Syndrome, Provided by ‘The Hunger Games'

They say youth is wasted on the young. What if you could turn back the clock and be young again? Would you really want to? No. But, what if you could temporarily experience only the highs of being a teenager again? Surprise – you can! We’re talking about The Hunger Games, people! Get on board the Hunger Games Tribute Express- next stop, teenage wasteland! Let me preface this by stating that the whole Twilight phenomenon is not for me! I don’t get it. I never will. But that doesn’t mean I’m impervious to other teenage phenomena.

Enter Katniss Everdeen.  As a woman in her VERY early 30s, I get embarrassed when I admit to people that I still watch certain MTV shows. I feel odd and almost pervy when I get into watching teenage relationships play out on TV. And yes, I want Jenna Hamilton to end up with Matty on Awkward. But there is something so wonderful and so not pervy in pretending I’m 15 while reading The Hunger Games. Since starting the trilogy, I have allowed the inner 15-year-old in me to come out to play THE GAMES in the following ways:

–    I’m excited about kissing. Not just the kiss, but the build up, the nerves, the glances.
–    Strange, unexplained attractions to younger men. No further explanation needed.
–    Geeking out hardcore. My thoughts and lingo are entirely consumed by HG. When I listen to NPR and hear a political exchange about districts or uprising, I automatically assume we’re talking about HG.
–    Planned outings and advance ticket purchasing to see the movie.
–    The fictional character crush, much like the one I had on Trent from Daria many moons ago.
–    Peeta is my desktop background at work and Hunger Games paraphernalia adorn my cubicle walls – a la collages in my high school locker.
–    My jewelry preferences have changed. No longer option just for sparkly trinkets, I’m now rocking a Mockingjay pin – at least for the movie, anyway.
–    I am literally seeing the movie with a teacher from my high school.
–    Life has taken on a new intensity. Everything feels extreme and I haven’t felt this kind of intensity since I wanted Kelly and Dylan or Zack and Kelly (before she was Valerie) to get together.

Have you seen this video? You will die!

Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Carly Eskin and Desiree Jacobs work together and have been bonded 4 life by the love of The Hunger Games, lobster and Big Brother. You can find more writing from Desiree on her blog, or follow her on twitter @bundtsofsteel.

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  • Jillian Freund

    “I am literally seeing the movie with a teacher from my high school”
    made me chuckle.

  • Christine Ho Van Assche

    “The fictional character crush, much like the one I had on Trent from Daria many moons ago.”

    In response to this particular line and the majority of the post, GET OUT OF MY HEAD! XD

  • Liz Haebe

    Uhhh, yep. 32 years old, and have a teenage crush on Peeta. I hear ya. I so hear ya.

  • Iris Casarez

    Who doesnt have a crush in peeta?! I saw peetas pic n,was like need to read…lol weirdly enough i was really into twilight (the books) until the movies came out n not one of,the characters satisfied the pictures my imagination had built but the hunger games movie really hit it on the mark though ill admit in,the books i sorta loved/hated peeta cus i favorec gale but the movie totally changed it cus of,th actor its like gale who? Lol all da ppl playing the characters are spot on to the book or at least to me dey r

  • Bambi Troxell

    i went w/ a bunch of girlfriends from work (we’re all late 20’s, early 30’s). hunger games gets us, right? oh, and i love twilight, too! unconditional love? yes, please! sign me up! i don’t like that they pit these two stories against each other. they’re so different- i have enough love and borderline teenage angst feelings to hold each in my heart :) oh, and i love peeta SO much (just wanted to throw that in)!

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