Gumdrop Lane

30 Days to Perfection – the Journey Continues with Screaming and Bees

I’m a quarter of the way through my 30 Days to Perfection so I thought I’d update you on my progress.

Here’s a brief video recap, in case you missed anything:

Am I actually almost 25% perfect at this point? I would have to say, after very little thought or consideration, yes. I’ve done things I haven’t done in years and things I’ve never done before. I’ve considered myself, as well as others. I’ve opened my mind and my heart. Since starting my journey I’ve also gotten a job, so I figure must be getting more perfect by the moment.

So far I’ve done the following:

1) Get dressed in real clothes. This was by far the easiest way to perfection. If you’re feeling down in the dumper or just need to get motivated, put on some of your nicest clothes. You’ll feel like you can punch the sun in the face. In a good way.

2) Drink about the recommended amount of water  a day. This was rough, since I hate water. Also, I might’ve been catching a cold that day so I really didn’t see the benefits of water-drinking. I’m pretty sure you’d have to do it more than a day to see the benefits, but I’m still not sold.

3) Walk my chunky dog. This was tons of fun and was great for me and my dog, Hobbes. This is to be done far more often than once every 30 days in order to be perfect.

4) Learn a trade/craft. This seemed simple, but really made me work the old brain noodles. Craft often to work your brain noodles.

5) Go a-picnicking. Delicious and fun. I got to stretch my cooking muscles and my friendship muscles and my dance muscles. And I got to honor the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee. I highly reccommend you go a-picnicking ASAP.

6) Hug the bear that scares you. This got me out of my comfort zone and into a bee suit. My philosophy to “hug the bear that scares you” debuted with me embracing something of which I was scared (BEES with their awful buzzing and stinging) and led me to kind of enjoy hugging that bear. That bear of bees.

7) Try something new. You should always try new things whenever you had the chance. I was terrified of my new thing, but I beat the terror into submission and emerged a superstar. Check it out:

If you’ve decided to do your own 30 Days to Perfection, let me know. We Perfectionists gotta stick together. Also, don’t forget to start thinking of suggestions for me for the day where I basically let y’all play my puppeteer. I’m kind of hoping someone will force me to do my own musical number in my non-musical number ladened life. Or perhaps take style tips from a robot. The sky’s the limit, folks. Especially on the journey to perfection.

Still to come:

8 ) Do I really hate…?

9) Do I really love…?

10) Fast for a day.

11) Take advice.

12) Enjoy eating healthy all day.

13) Research 3 things I should really know about.

14) Try something new.

15) Do I really hate…?

16) Do I really love…?

17) Get rid of 3 things I like but don’t need.

18) Help a stranger.

19) Forgive someone from my past.

20) No sugar for a day.

21) Try something new.

22) Do I really hate…?

23) Do I really love…?

24) Budget Day

25) Create a cocktail.

26) Day of Love.

27) Yoko Yo’self. (Do everything Yoko Ono does on her Twitter account for the day)

28) Try something new.

29) Readers Play GOD Day – I’ll have you all make up a list of things for me to do all day long and do them.

30) Do everything on this list in one day.