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3 Fun Embroidery Hoop D.I.Y.s

Wow! I didn’t even know there was one fun embroidery hoop D.I.Y., let alone three. Yes, voice in my head, you may be surprised by this discovery, but it is in fact true.

But what actually is an embroidery hoop? Hmm, voice in my head, I’m so glad you asked. An embroidery hoop is a wooden hoop usually used for old ladies to do cross stitch on. It’s made up of an inner hoop and an outer hoop and you can put your cross stitch fabric in the middle to keep it tight and make it easier to cross stitch on. However, there are lots more fun things you can do with them, as you can see here. The great thing about them is they’re really cheap (£1-2; $1.50-3) and really easy to use and you can buy them from any craft shop or from Amazon. Here are just 3 of the many things you can do with an embroidery hoop.

 Framed Fabric

 You will need:

–       An embroidery hoop.

–       Your favorite fabric, old dress or pretty much any piece of material you’ve always thought was so beautiful that you’d like to frame.

Do It:

  1. Separate the two parts of the embroidery hoop.
  2. Lay your fabric face up on the smaller part of the hoop and then gently place the bigger part on top of the smaller part above the fabric. Embroidery hoops usually have some way of fastening them up so they squeeze tighter. Do this until you feel the big hoop will stay on top of the fabric.
  3. Turn it around and trim off the excess fabric; once you hang it up, you will not be able to see any of your cuttings, so don’t worry about being a bit messy.
  4. Stick a piece of extra strong tape or no more nails to the back of the hoop and pop it on the wall!

Dream Catcher

You will need:

–       An embroidery hoop

–       Thick Thread of any color

–       A few beads (optional)

–       Some ripped up scraps of fabric and ribbon

Do It:

  1. Separate the two parts of the embroidery hoop.
  2. Tie the end of your thread around one side of the hoop.
  3. Wrap the thread around the hoop. There is no need to try and be careful with this, just keep trying out different patterns and see what looks good. If you want, you can add a few beads to the thread to make it even prettier.
  4. Tie your strips of fabric and ribbon to the bottom of the dream catcher and tie another to the top to hang it up with.

 Cross Stitch

 You will need:

–       An embroidery hoop

–       Sewing thread

–       Needles

–       A cross-stitch pattern or your imagination

Do It:

  1. Separate the two halves of the hoop and place the cross stitch fabric into the hoops, making sure to pull it tight. Cross stitch fabric is available online and from every craft shop and is very cheap.
  2. Find a cross stitch pattern that you love. You can find patterns anywhere – craft shops, and Etsy have a lot of great ones. You can also simply Google “fun cross stitch patterns”
  3. Do your cross stitch and then trim the excess fabric from the back of your hoop.

I hope all or at least one of these ideas appeal to you! Once you’re done, they are very handy for covering up stains on your wall or simply just looking pretty.