25 Mashups to Get the Party Playlist Started Heather Taylor
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14) “Nothing Compares to Wrecking Ball” – Robin Skouteris (Miley Cyrus vs. Sinead O’Connor)

No, you’re crying. Say what you will about Miss Cyrus, but this is flawless.

15) “Deep Dream Control” – DJ Maya Jakobson (Missy Elliott vs. Adele vs. Britney Spears vs. Tchaikovsky)

Impossible to listen to without getting shivers down your spine, I swear.

16) “We Love Hustlin’ Drugs” – Titus Jones (Weezer vs. Rick Ross vs. Ke$ha vs. Katy Perry vs. Afroman)

*raises the roof until it’s in the stratosphere*

17) “Rematch” – The White Panda

Now that you have your Girl Talk basics down, it’s time to hit the intermediate levels with some White Panda. You’re welcome.

18) “Party and Bullsh*t in the USA” – Hathbanger (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Miley Cyrus)

Instant classic in the mashup world.

19) “DJ Got Us Falling in Hot Stuff” – DJs from Mars (Usher vs. Donna Summer)


20) “Midnight Scrubs” – Lobsterdust (TLC vs. M83)

An unexpected, but absolutely delightful, pairing.

21) “Kreayshawn the Insomniac” – The White Panda (Kreayshawn vs. Faithless)

Little over a minute long but it’s one helluva minute.

22) “Work B*tch” – (RuPaul vs. Britney Spears)

I retract that Disney statement – we need RuPaul in all the mashups, pronto.

23) Spice Girls “Megamix” – DJ Berry.E

We’re so blessed to have this megamix in our lives.

24) “United States of Pop 2013 (Living the Fantasy)” – DJ Earworm

The year that was, in under six minutes.

25) “Don’t Stop Believing in This Heaven on Earth” – Titus Jones

When you listen, you’ll know why I saved it for last. Enjoy the surprise of finding out who all is featured in this mashup – it’s a solid lineup.

Girl Talk album cover image courtesy of illegal-art.net.

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  1. Heather, you are the best! Monday just got a little more fun :)