25 Habits To Break By Age 25

This year, I celebrated my 25th birthday by eating multiple Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, attending improv class and watching a comedy show with friends. It was low key, and that’s the way I’d like to spend the majority of my weekends, as hangovers now take too long to pass and I can finally admit shouting over bars is a terrible experience. I have a lot more maturing to do, not to mention a host of habits I should have broken by 25, so here are some good things to outgrow before hitting the big quarter century:

25. Eating in bed

Unless you want to befriend some cool mice!

24. Too much takeout or Seamless

It adds up, and you never really know what other people are putting in your food.

23. Chasing after unworthy dating prospects

You both know you deserve better. Kick him to the curb.

22. Overusing your debit/credit card

You spend more this way, and honestly, it doesn’t make much sense to use a credit/debit card for that $2 water bottle (which shouldn’t be $2, but that’s an argument for another post…). Always keep $10-$20 in your purse.

21. Staying up late to watch TV/Netflix

This is especially risky if you have a full-time job. Don’t show up to work tired in the morning. Just catch the next episode of American Horror Story (which is amazing, of course) when you get home.

20. Leaving your tab open at the bar

Sometimes this makes sense, but you could wind up spending more money, or worse, accidentally leaving your card with the bartender.

19. Feeling bad every time a new Facebook friend gets engaged/married or has a baby

This is 2013. People are tying the knot and becoming parents later now, so don’t feel like you’re so behind simply because folks you went to high school with appear to be growing up.

18. Failing to floss

The older you get, the more attention you should pay to dental hygiene. Before going to bed, spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth (back when magazines were thriving, YM suggested listening to a pop song at the sink) and flossing. Add some mouthwash to the mix and you’re golden.

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