Teenage Wasteland

21st Century Kids

I wish I had a good definition of mature, but I think it’s not always the same. The internet and social media has totally changed what it means to be a kid. When you have access to everything in the world, you see how other kids your age are acting. If they’re acting much older then does that mean you aren’t normal? Instead of going out and playing, kids are online trying to decide what their new profile picture should be. The reason that the kids in the ’90s weren’t dressing the same way we dress today and acting the way we do today is because they didn’t feel pressured by the internet to do certain things.

The other day I was in Abercrombie to get a pair of shorts. I pulled up a pair of 12s and they were seriously so small and so short they probably wouldn’t have fit my 7-year-old sister. If I want to actually wear cute clothes then I know its really rare for them to be age appropriate. My favorite stores are starting to only sell tops that are more low-cut and really short shorts. I really don’t want to be the girl that wears inappropriate outfits but I feel like to fit in with the girls in my class, I have to act a certain way and wear certain clothes.

It really annoys me when kids try to act “mature” by using adult words. When someone says something like “OMG, what a retard”. Its not like they chose to be that way. Kids throw out words like “retarded”, “gay”, “fag”, etc. and they have no idea how offensive these words actually are. And being gay doesn’t even matter, so why is it a joke? Also, It will never make you cool to tell someone “F*** you” or “Go kill yourself”. I think its truly disgusting how tweens/teens are committing suicide because of cyber bullying. Yes, there have always been bullies, but bullies these days are extreme. It makes me feel so sad inside thinking that someone could die today because they were bullied because of their size, shape, color, sexual orientation, appearance or just anything.

I’m sure everyone will look back at their childhood when they are adults and think about all the stupid things they said/did and regret them. I’m just hoping kids in 20 years aren’t doing the same things that kids are doing today. Because that’s just weird.

Image via Earsucker

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