Champagne Problems

2012 is your year. (And, if not then it was last year)

Pickle heads. Here it is, your new three-hundred and something days to make up for everything you couldn’t quite wrap your head around last year. And you know what? That’s like, totes alright with me, because I am more than happy to give this year another go in dream land.

Sure, I meant to aim higher when it came to men. Sure, I saw myself traveling far and wide wearing all white n’ junk talking about paella with the spicy shrimp and mussels and sure, I saw myself cutting back on wine and opting for organic, but I am no perfect human and I sure as junk ain’t going to beat myself up over spilled Sangiovese.

Lend an ear. 2012 is another chance to spring forward those fresh ideas that held you back in the old 365 prior. Now, you can go out (at least for the next thirty days or so, ’til you hang up your NYE resolution shoes) and try and be something above and beyond your normal, everyday, wicked-fab self. But, how does one do so? By just risking, I think.  That’s right, risking.

Everything that you have worked hard to be in the last years, put it all on the line this year and challenge it, tigress style. Take a chance on something you are deathly afraid of and reap the consequences like a true-blue HelloGiggler. Why not, dude? That’s, like, exactly what Bonnie would have done when dealing with Clyde. And though you aren’t much of the stealin’ type, I know you well enough to see you just straight ADORE Faye Dunaway and would do anything to wear a sassy beret or risk. (Also, I’ve been mad wrong before and sometimes I don’t make a lot of sense.)

Go get ’em. ‘Growl.

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