Holiday Gift Guides2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Looks Expensive But Isn'tGrasie Mercedes

Holiday shopping can get expensive…real expensive. You want to buy your loved ones nice things but you don’t want to spend a fortune. Here are some items that look expensive but are all quite affordable. For a girl on a budget who still wants the goods. Everything is under $30! Happy Shopping!

  • 1. Lulu’s Knuckle Ring $19
  • 2. Crate & Barrel “Woof: I Love Dogs” Book $15 (there’s a cat version too!)
  • 3. Asos Gloves $25
  • 4. H&M Flats $18
  • 5. Mango Scarf $25
  • 6. Forever 21 Floral Jacket $30
  • 7. Amazon “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me…” $25 (pretty books are always a great option)
  • 8. CB2 Five Piece Walker Gift Set $25
  • 9. Asos Envelope Clutch $16
  • 10. Paper Source Jounrals $19
  • 11. Sephora by OPI Gold Top Coat $9.50 (buy a set of 2 or 3 and put them in a pretty vintage box)
  • 12. Zara Open Back T-shirt $17

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  1. Grasie, maybe you can answer this: what do you wear under the open back shirt? And if those stick-to-your-boobs type bras are the answer, then I guess I’m never going to be able to wear that shirt.

    • lol. good question. i would have to see the shirt but i would go for those american apparel type bandeau or bralettes that are lacey and pretty to show. OR bra less if you’re boobs allow it :)

      Grasie Mercedes | 12/14/2011 06:12 pm
  2. and here are some fun and funny wine gifts!

  3. That sounded too harsh, I didn’t mean DEFINITELY not something I’d re-read, but there are a million books on my list and sometimes I postpone them to read one of my favorites again, but not this one.

  4. Is the Mindy Kaling book good?

    • Alina, going by your criteria (being unmarried and childless), the Dalai Lama lacks in life experience compared to your typical house wife with kids. Your personal interests may align better with Tina Fey’s, but I think it’s unfair to discount Mindy’s story just because she is unmarried and without children.

    • I liked it, but it’s not as good as Tina Fey’s, which is understandable because there’s no way unmarried, childless Mindy has had as many life experiences as Tina. Also, there’s one part where she says “excrete” where she should have said “secrete” which really bothered me (it creates a really unfortunate image, if you couldn’t guess). All in all, it’s an entertaining read, but not life changing, and definitely not something I’d want to re-read.

    • Just bought the book for myself and one of my BFFs! I’m reading a few other books right now, so I’m saving it.

    • Yes. I’ve read it twice, and gave it as a gift to three of my girlfriends. They all adore it–such a good gift for you and them :)