Giggles and Glue Guns

2 Ways To Paint A Plate

Ever thought of painting a plate? Of course you haven’t, you eat off of them! But these two techniques are darn cute and a great way to spruce and decorate on-the-cheap.

#1 Writing on a White Plate

Now your poetry and plain white dishes can harmoniously intermingle by using a Porcelain 150 pen to write your prose or draw your squiggles. Once satisfied, let dry for 24 hours and bake in the oven to set – per the instructions on the pen package.

#2 Chalkboard Trays

Okay, so technically not plates, but still in the dish-ware family! Silver toned trays are very easy to find at thrift stores and flea markets or you may just have them hanging around. Paint the inside of the tray with a layer or two of chalkboard paint and use them for your party of home decor! A grouping of these hung on the wall would be oh so lovely!

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